I want to be like you Letra

Lil' Romeo

El tema "I want to be like you" interpretado por Lil' Romeo pertenece a su disco "Lil' romeo". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "I want to be like you" de Lil' Romeo.

I want to be like you lyrics

Chorus: Lil' Romeo (repeat 2x)
I wish I was tall like you, like you
I wish I could ball like you, like you
You know i like to walk like you, like you
Thats why I talk like you, like you whoody whooo

Verse 1:
When I grow up I wanna be just like you
Eat drink sleep whatever, just like you
Finish school cause bein a fool ain't cool
When I walk past them same corners just like you
I got hopes and dreams
By the time I'm thirteen I wanta travel around the whole world
Know what I mean?
I play ball like you used to crawl like you
I had 36 the other day, I even score like you, walk like you, talk you
Everything I do my friends say remind me of you
Its you, who made me act like I do
It was you who told me what I could and couldn't do
Never told me no, just advised me of what to do
Kept me bouncin balls as I recall the age of two, shootin freethrows
Okay I made a few
Dad where you at? I need you in the booth (uhhh)

Chorus: Lil' Romeo (repeat 2x)

Verse 2:
[ De: https://www.dicelacancion.com/letra-i-want-to-be-like-you-lil-romeo ]
Its a family thing whodi, so I got your back
I mean we teammates son like Kobe and Shaq
And when your momma tell you somethin I mean listen to her whodi
Respect your elders that what your grandpa told me
I mean times have change we growin up together
The first father and son to rap and blow up together
Blood is thicker than water
I know you tougher than leather
That's why I be on you whodi cause I want you to do better
I'd been on these streets, I done lived that life
I mean why do wrong and you can do right
Say no to drugs
Education goes far
You can be a doctor lawyer politician or star
You wanna be like me son then make me proud
And when you get that diploma don't forget to smile

Chorus: Lil' Romeo (repeat 2x)

Yo pops you tha one
[Master P]
Yo son you tha one
I love you son
[Lil' Romeo]
I love you pops
[Master P]
Cause when its all said and done, we all we got
But we won't stop, we won't stop, This No Limit Family we won't stop

Lil' Romeo

Lil' Romeo

I want to be like you

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Artista: Lil' Romeo
Canción: I want to be like you
Duración: 03:08
Vistas: 677
Álbum: Lil' romeo
Etiquetas: love it

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