Somebody's in love Letra

Lil' Romeo

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Somebody's in love lyrics

I know something you don't know
She knows something he don't know
We know something yall don't know
They know something you should know

Chorus: 2x
Fun fun fun kick the broomstick
somebody's in love kick the broomstick
Romeo's got a lady his mama goin crazy

Verse 1:
I still remember when I met her
I would never forget her
it was cold oustide
I gave her my sweater
walked her home from school
and she gave me letter
it read Romeo let's be friends
forever be my Mickey Mouse
and I'll be your Minnie
I feelin you even though
I you feelin genie her name was Keisha
she always sat by the teacher
and sit away from Theresa and Lisa
Pam was very outspoken in class
she was funny
she always used to make us laugh
Monique she was always sweet
and at recess we all played Hide and Seek
ya heard.

Chorus: 2x

Verse 2:
I like her dimples the way she sharpens her pencils
[ De: ]
I like the way her hair blows when she looks out the window
her name's Sonya she got a sista named Monya
they new here they just moved here from California
they look like pop stars and sang like Britney Spears
her bangs stay low in her
No Limit gear I call her Tisha
and Tamara's her twin and there's Brandy matter
fact she's one of her friends
kinda shy come about this high
just right I can look in her eyes
rolled up in a baby hummer jump
this high come on ma lets go for a ride

Chorus 2x

yo I ain't gotta be away from you,
you in the fifth garde
I wanna be in that class wit you
front like the teacher just to reach you all up in the hall
rockin' hundred dollar sneakers
you see me in the video,
true they play it in the mall
yo true tryin' ride shorty
lets go I wanna show you where I be at
give you what you want thats a fact little free
just call me th bomb
if you call I'm like the north face moommy
I'll keep you warm though I do it hard
wit my timberlands on laces untide just my life

Chorus 2x
Lil' Romeo

Lil' Romeo

Somebody's in love

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Artista: Lil' Romeo
Canción: Somebody's in love
Duración: 03:12
Vistas: 151

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