Find You Somewhere ft. Willow & AcE Letra

Jaden Smith

Find You Somewhere ft. Willow & AcE lyrics

I’m kinda lost now
Don’t intervening, no meaning
I have no cause now
My heart is bleeding a tiny bit
And it goes now
I’m only bleeding at you and me
Can be awesome
But that’s not realistic
Pain that you’ve inflected
It’s so wicked
I’m addicted
You’re the place of shifted
Ain’t no try to get physical
I just wanna know
Do you still wearing lipstick?
You’re so cryptic
If You’ve lost my drug
And you’ve got me lifted
Just one night come at the...
We can just be friends
And we’ll hold hands
And dance until the night ends
And I’ll run the engines…engines
And I’ll let you finish all my sentences
You right here right now
Girl that’s a blessing
Just one night
We should learn some lessons
Looking so flatted while you’re dressing
Like this we can guess them all
Get them all like a festival
But the rush you go
[ De: ]
I’m steady you just wanna pay
Can’t breathe like I’m living in space
I’mma ...with ace
I’mma being mistakes
Cause my life is a chase
And I’m in the race
See that you wanna to taste hand won’t waste
I don’t care what they say
I wasn’t really looking at you
But they say you were here
With that dude
Is it true?
I’ve been captured
We’ve been running like patrol
Don’t count that
When the ...that
It’s about that
It’s a trick right there
Little home you shout that
Going down rewind that
We’re going up right now

I think I can find you somewhere
I think I can find you somewhere
I think I can find you somewhere
I think I can find you somewhere


Oh look girl look some precious
All I see is true pics and restless
Well I guess is I have to leave
Till I have intrigue ...something I can’t believe
Believe it’s like Jesus
Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith

Find You Somewhere ft. Willow & AcE

Septiembre, 2012
332.544 vistas

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Artista: Jaden Smith
Canción: Find You Somewhere ft. Willow & AcE
Duración: 05:40
Estreno: Septiembre, 2012
Vistas: 332.544
Álbum: The Cool Cafe
Etiquetas: hip hop, rap, r&b, willow smith, ace

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