Gonzoes Letra

Jaden Smith

La letra de la canción "Gonzoes" interpretada por Jaden Smith fue publicada el 3 de julio de 2012 con su vídeo musical.

Gonzoes lyrics

I am the last one intelligence
The swag comes with elegance
That was blessed upon you,
But that’s what just you learn from these debts and fondu
I’ll handle the bill, but the rest is on you
Jaden is the true, yes I’m on to the next..
Miss Fist Wits so reckless
I’m on a stage, care less what the set list is
is because you didn’t put me on it
And I’mma ditch you when you try to put me on it
Said I used to be so sweet, put a cookie on a…
Stop playing games, I’m just playing hockey honest.
But I just wanna be.. tight with the girl of my dreams
And continue this love life cause
It took a lot of pain to get here
When this gonna be gone by next time next year
But know the game is a…
Man, I ain’t got no problem, but I’mma be on tour…
Sad cause I used to be the bad
And you used to be my…girl version
And my world is turning upside down
Everybody shut up right now
Somebody pull me up right now
Cause I’m swimming in my sorrows and I just might drown, girl.
And my past is graphic, you make my heart so…
All my friends tell me I’m the best
I don’t believe them, but I’m going to the top,
And you know that I will never leave them…
And I’mma talk about rude…
My song is about one two
Cause you’ll be at the top..
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Cause we don’t want you here chilling with your friends
I haven’t seen you in two years
Have fun with Kennedy when you kick it
before she goes away and doesn’t ask me to visit
Have a problem visit
Girl, I’m not gonna see you,
but it’s really not gonna be different from the past year
Everyone says I’m changing
Gone to my head, I haven’t even been famous
Karate Kid is behind this,
diamonds on my neck is a simple reminder of
All the shots and all the set offs and all the tears
I cried so I can get my leg up
And I came back and the joke got spread up
and walked around town young man with his head up!
Had to make it rain in the storm, didn’t….
Until I move these out of the theaters
And all you can just forget us
…how weak is that?
Can’t… can’t compete with us!

I’m Gonzoes, I’m Gonzoes, I’m Gonzoes
I do wanna zoe where I wanna zoe it
…I could threw it
I’m Gonzoes, I’m Gonzoes, I’m Gonzoes
I’m Gonzoes, I’m Gonzoes, I’m Gonzoes
I do wanna zoe where I wanna zoe it
You stop me now, I run through it

Uh, pulling off ..ride on
All my other haters ..suff you down in the bottle
..your girl is fine, my girl look like she a model
Uh, more artistic than Picasso
Unless the joke is up, I’m looking like…
My flow is tight, your flow is just not so
Sorry if I’m coming up from being hostile Gonzoes

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith


Julio, 2012
118.641 vistas

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Artista: Jaden Smith
Canción: Gonzoes
Duración: 03:14
Estreno: Julio, 2012
Vistas: 118.641
Álbum: Gonzoes (Single)
Etiquetas: hip hop, rap, r&b, pop, will smith

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