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Black Rob

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Got ya back (drea feat. black rob) lyrics

[Black Rob]
You know I come through on the regular
Ear glued to the cellular
Bouncing something strong
Every time I keep telling ya
Strive for yours
And life for you gets no younger
You like my little sis, Drea
I'm like your big brother
Watched you grow
Now we both getting this dough
Bad Boy-Spoiled Rotten
Collabo and yo
Before we put nada
I came to straight hits
Stack big face chips
Buy expensive whips

Just thought at first
Through the years you proved to me
You'll be closer than
Any other friend could be
When I was going through
And I would call on you
You were down, I know you cared
And you always were right there

You've always been there for me
We are the closest that friends could be
When I am in need
You are there for me
I got ya back, baby

[ De: ]
No matter what people said or thought about me
You're always first to come to my
Defense because you are
My friends stick by my side
Through troubles thick and thin
On you I can depend on
You expressed your feelings to me
By watching over me (by watching over me)
And even made sure (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Can't nobody take your place
No one can take your place
Take your place
No, no, no, no, no, no

You got my back, baby

[Black Rob]
Hey, yo
Drea, what's going on?
It's me, Rob
I'm on T's having this joint
Down with my Bad Boy mark
You shoulda saw the crowd went wild
When I came out
Kept my rhymes in three words
Screamed your name out
See, now they knowing you
Like they know me
Black Rob and Drea
That's cash money
BS not concerning me
Kenny Smoove got bank
We burning, D, trust me

(Variations) 5x:
Black Rob

Black Rob

Got ya back (drea feat. black rob)

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Artista: Black Rob
Canción: Got ya back (drea feat. black rob)
Vistas: 86

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