Giorgio by Moroder Letra

Daft Punk

El tema "Giorgio by Moroder" interpretado por Daft Punk pertenece a su disco "Random Access Memories". La letra de la canción "Giorgio by Moroder" fue publicada el 21 de mayo de 2013 con su vídeo musical.

Giorgio by Moroder ft. Giorgio Moroder lyrics

Giorgio Moroder:
When I was fifteen, sixteen when
really started to play the guitar
I definately wanted to become a musician
It was almost impossible because the dream was so big
I didn't see any chance
because I was living in a little town,
And when I finally broke away from school
and became a musician
I thought "well I may have a bit of a chance"
Because all i every wanted to do is music
but not only play music
But compose music.

At that time, in Germany, in 69-70,
they had already discotheques
So I would take my car and go to a discotheque
and sing maybe 30 minutes
I think I had about 7-8 songs.
I would partially sleep in the car
Because i didn't want to drive home
and that help me for about almost 2 years
[ De: ]
To survive.
In the beginning,
I wanted to do a album with the sound of the 50s,
the sound of the 60s, of the 70s
and then have a sound of the future.
And I said: "Wait a second?
I know the synthesizer,
why don't i use the synthesizer
which is the sound of the future."
And I didn't have any idea what to do
but I knew I needed a click
so we put a click on the 24 track
which was then synch to the moog modular.
I knew that it could be a sound of the future
but I didn't realise how much impact it would be.

My name is Giovanni Giorgio,
but everybody calls me Giorgio.

You want to free your mind about a concept
of harmony and music being correct,
you can do whatever you want.
So nobody told me what to do,
and there was no preconception of what to do.
Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Giorgio by Moroder

Mayo, 2013
868.828 vistas

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Artista: Daft Punk
Canción: Giorgio by Moroder
Duración: 09:04
Estreno: Mayo, 2013
Vistas: 868.828
Álbum: Random Access Memories
Etiquetas: daft punk, house, electrónica, giorgio moroder

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