Ghetto Days ft. Game & Kurupt Letra


Ghetto Days ft. Game & Kurupt lyrics

Yea, right
Compton, South Central Watts, Longbeach, Engelwood
(I'm reminiscing bout my ghetto days)
West Coast for life, live and die for this ****
(I'm reminiscin' bout my ghetto days)

When I was young living life on the run,
Eleven years old real life no goals,
Sneaking little sips in the cut,
Before they even called me Kurupt,
Ridin' down the block so Ima tell you how I grew up,
I was always in the mix, too young for sticks
Ty tell em about that Watts experience

In Watts, a ***** couldn't wait for the summer time
Back yard barbecue yea that'll free your mind,
We stayed fallin' of them ice cream trucks,
All my *****s nickel baging it and hustling bucks,
You could catch me in the middle of the streets
Slap boxing with my ***** Porky,
And as I take you down my memory lane
I'm reminiscin bout my ghetto days
Let em know

Let me take you back ooh
(I'm reminiscin' bout my ghetto days) (x3)

I ain't changed *****, I'm just busy
**** bein' broke *****, I'm filthy
Got a problem wit me holla at me I'll be back in 6 months
I'm on the road gettin' my money up
And I remember all the young soldiers in the hood
Tryin' to gang bang slingin' nickel bags
Screamin' money ain't a thing, for real
I know exactly how y'all feel
I'm reppin' black and brown pride
West Side til I die

I got a lot of rider in me
I was thinkin', couple years older
Fourteen smokin' and drinkin'
Thinkin' bout uncle Jame's army
The old folks love it
I'm just gettin' up in the game
And gang bang bubbly
Crinshaws crackin, durin' the day got schwinns
On Sunday's watchin' all the big homies spin
I won't dance
'Cause thats all I see
[ De: ]
That's like the army
That's all you can be

I used to love feedin' polices and cheap coast
Watch me jump up in the push
And play hide and go get it I'm wit it
And all the hoodrats used to hold us down on the block
Reminiscin' bout my first piece of ****

Let me take you back ooh
(I'm reminiscin' bout my ghetto days) (x4)

Truth is I ran way when I was 5 years old
Ran til my And 1's had holes in the soles
I had 3 silk shirts, 2 pairs of jebose
Spent the night at boo's house, we was sharin' his clothes
Moms left me out in the cold
Worst that that my man took 5 shots and ain't lose his soul
I was livin with a blind man's vision
And no matter how hard I tried, I could never see prison
And to all my dead homies, we don't pour rout liquor
We just poke our chests out, and say we miss ya *****s
We was scared of gang bangers, walked to school in groups
Argued who was the best MC, Ice Cube or Snoop
Damn, I miss my ghetto days
Whether it was Coca Cola or straight coke
We found a way
Hey and the memories of EZ and Pac
California we all we got

Let me take you back ooh
(I'm reminiscin' bout my ghetto days) (x4)

I remember when I used to say I wanna rap and sing
All my *****s used to laugh at me
But now, I'm on top of my game
But now, it ain't a damn thing changed
Ghetto superstar to coca cola
All my people locked down, got nothin' but love for ya
Stay strong, 'cause I know it ain't easy
Come home, 'cause we miss ya on the streets
Sweet ladies how you gonna act like that
Its your baby boy holla back
So let me take you down my memory lane
Reminiscin' bout my ghetto days

Let me take you back ooh
(I'm reminiscin' bout my ghetto days) (x4)


Ghetto Days ft. Game & Kurupt

Septiembre, 2012
1.399 vistas

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Artista: Tyrese
Canción: Ghetto Days ft. Game & Kurupt
Duración: 06:03
Estreno: Septiembre, 2012
Vistas: 1.399
Álbum: Invisible Bully (The Lost Tapes)
Etiquetas: hip hop, rap, r&b, game, kurupt

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