Fugitive - Indigo Girls

El tema "Fugitive" de Indigo Girls pertenece a su disco "Swamp ophelia". La letra de la canción "Fugitive" fue publicada el 19 de November de 2017 con su vídeo musical e info.

Letra Fugitive - Indigo Girls

I'm harboring a fugitive
Defector of a kind
And she lives in my soul
Drinks of my wine
And i'd give my last breath
To keep us alive Are they coming for us
With cameras or guns
We don't know which
But we gotta run
And you say this is not
What i bargained for
So hide yourself for me
All for me
We swore to ourselves
We'd go to the end of the world
But i got caught up in the whirl
And the twirl of it all
A day in the sun
Dancing alone
Baby i'm so sorry
Now it's coming to you
The lessons i've learned
Won't do you any good
You've got to get burned
Well the curse and the blessing
They're one in the same
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Baby it's all
Such a treacherous gain
Hide yourself for me
I said hide yourself for me
All for me
I stood without clothes
Danced in the sand
I was aching with freedom
And kissing the damned
I said remember this
As how it should be
Oh baby i said
It's all in our hands
Got to learn to respect
What we don't understand
We are fortunate ones
Fortunate ones
I swear
Hide yourself for me
I will hide myself for you
All for you
(i will hide)
All for you
(myself for you)
I will hide myself for you
All for you
I stood without clothes
I danced in the sand
I was aching with freedom
Kissing the damned
I said remember this
Is how it should be

Indigo Girls

Indigo Girls


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Artista: Indigo Girls
Canción: Fugitive
Duración: 04:33
Estreno: Sun 19 de November, 2017
Vistas: 23.430
Álbum: Swamp ophelia
Etiquetas: folk rock

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