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Kerri Sherwood

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Freefalling in love lyrics

She played the piano in a little place down the way
her fingers tellin' stories her heart could never say
he often came inside there
and sat just for a bit
lost in her music and lonely as he could get
They never talked to each other, but glances said it all
someday they would step outside their fear
and answer their hearts call
meanwhile they just played the game
lost in their own worlds
each of them them wishing for the other
seeking that illusive pearl
Wanting to freefall into love
in a touch of their hands
a meeting of the minds, quiet understanding
it took them by surprise they weren't at that place to look
but it was right there in front of their eyes
just like a storybook
Finally he strolled to her and the joy just lit her face
[ De: ]
he said what do you do when you're out of here,
out of this place
she answered with a soft laugh
reached her hands across the keys
...i dream of you, i've waited patiently
...let's go, can we please
And they walked down the road a ways
and found another place with a guitar player
singin by himself and a girl who studied his face
he held her so tiredly and guided her across the floor
their dances steps mentioned what was in their hearts
it was meant to be for sure
and under the moonlit skies they dance the night away
They have found each other
and each was there to stay
Cause they were freefalling in love
in a touch of their hands, a meeting of the minds
quiet understanding
it took them by surprise, they weren't at that place to look
but it was right there in front of their eyes, just like a storybook
just like a storybook
Kerri Sherwood

Kerri Sherwood

Freefalling in love

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Artista: Kerri Sherwood
Canción: Freefalling in love
Vistas: 56

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