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Lyte Funky Ones (lfo)

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Forever lyrics

Now i'm fully sure that love

Is nothing more then a waste of my time

I've always sure to be above these feelings

They always seem to mess up my mind

I said you'd never catch me in the corner of my room

Gazing at a picture of you

And now that all don't mean nothing

Ciz every time i think about thinking

Girl i'm thinking of you


And forever for the rest of my life

Through it all girl i'll be right by your side

I'll give my heart baby, i'll give you my mind

I'll be the one that brings joy to your life

And if you're wiling girl, just give me the chance

And i promise i will be a good man

And forever for the rest of my life

I'll be right by your side

[ De: ]
Now the love you give to me

Is sweeter then the sprinkles

On top of mamas apple pie

I know you know i'm in love

When you stare at the sprakle that appears in the corner of my eye

You don't have to worry about it,no

All the things i said before

Because i'm so in love and ai't nothing goin' to stop it,no

I'd bet it on the moon and the stars in the sky above


I never thought that it could happen to me

That i could fall in love

I can't belive it baby, but i see that you're

You are the only one that i'm thinking of

It doesn't matter,baby

I don't really care no more

As long as were together

Baby i'll be right there

I won't go no where

I want your love forever

Lyte Funky Ones (lfo)
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Artista: Lyte Funky Ones (lfo)
Canción: Forever
Vistas: 101

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