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Feel so goodmase f/ puff daddyyou ready mase?party peoplein the place to beit's about that timefor us toyeah, uh-huhfirst verse:yo, what you know about goin out?head wet, red lextv's all up in the headresttry and live it upride intobigger truckpeace allglittered upsticker kidnigga what? jig with the cutsip cris, spit it uphoes ride, get your nuttill i can't get it upi'm a big man, give this man roomi'ma hit everything, from cancun to man's tombwhy you standin' on the wall?hangin' on your ballslighting up drugsalways fightin' in the clubi'm the reason they made the dress codethey figure i wouldn't wild when i'm in my french clothesdress as i suppose, from my neck to my toesneck full of gold, but gets in my rollsreck shows, collect those, extra o'sbuy an e, get a key, to the lexto hold, east, west, every statecome on, bury the hatemillions the only thingwe in the area to makebetter friend or ex-friendin a lex or a benzlet's beginbring this bs to an endcome onchorus:bad, bad, bad, bad boyyou make me feel so goodyou know you make me feel so goodyou know you make me feel so goodbad, bad, bad, bad boyi wouldn't change you if i couldi wouldn't change you if i couldi wouldn't change you if i couldverse two:you can't understand, we beride kinky, sippin' dpto the tv, look greedylittle kids see me, way out in dcwith a z3, chrome vb'sthey wanna be menigga's talkin' shitthey ought to quiti'm fortunatethey don't see a fourth what i getand those be the same ones walkin' while i whipjust started seing carscause they alternateso while you daydreammama's city gleamand i deal with hoesthat posein maybelineone time you had it alli ain't mad at ya'llnow give me the catalogi'll show you how daddy ballsix cars in powerthe five big starsphillip, c, o, chaz smokin' on cigarsniggait's like ya'llbe talkin' funnyi don't understand languagein people with short moneycome onchorusverse three:do mase got the ladies? yeah, yeahdo puff drive mercedes? yeah, yeahtake hits from the 80's? yeah, yeahbut do it sound so crazy? yeah, yeahwell me personallyit's nuthin' personali do what work for meyou do what work for youand i dress with what i was blessed withnever been arrestedfor nuthin domesticand i chillthey way you met mewith a jet skiattached to a sesmoke my nestleno mad rapask catwhere my check be?problem with ya'lli say it directlywent from hard to sweepsstarted to eatfrom no hoes at showsto manaj in suitesnow i be the catthat be hard to meetgettin' head from girlsthat used to hardly speakcome onchorus 5x



Feel so good

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Artista: Mase
Canción: Feel so good
Duración: 03:25
Vistas: 70.463
Álbum: Harlem world
Etiquetas: 90s, rap, harlem world, hip hop, hip-hop

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