Faith no more - Capdown

El tema "Faith no more" de Capdown pertenece a su disco "Pound for the sound". La letra de la canción "Faith no more" fue publicada el 19 de November de 2017 con su vídeo musical e info.

Letra Faith no more - Capdown

Oh, you think it's right when you see the reaction
some say a small sacrifice, yeah oh, but the consequence of your actions hold a much higher price
coz what is going on
is just a slower wrong
joe's re-blinded by a smile on a different face
and what is going on
will lead to greater wrong
coz your just part of the same
some say a move in the right direction
but i still fail to see
how the consequence of your actions
[ De: ]
have sown any seeds
we're sick of being your fools
what the fuck is this?
what the fuck are we really talking about?
it's nothing new
we see right through
a desertion of any true belief in creating real equality for all
to many times they get away
but nowit's time to make them pay
it's time to enforce the actions we're fighting for
what are they thinking?
who are they thinking for?
a desertion of any true belief in what this started for


Faith no more

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Artista: Capdown
Canción: Faith no more
Duración: 03:31
Estreno: November, 2017
Vistas: 34.937
Álbum: Pound for the sound
Etiquetas: songs that remind me of boys, top rated tracks, ska punk, ska, punk

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