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Exhibit v: tara lyrics

[cairn warrior's atrocious assertion to war:]
i (still) admire the flow of echoing horns.
mimicking blows so boldly, i
i stand visibly, high, on this splendid bastion,
to remember a high king, a tyrant of no fear
I am the first son: a commander without a father,
"fortuitous doom," the last of his predictions.
i'll take advantage by igniting the
preparing enraged flames with sweltering speed.
[chorus i - cairn warrior and art aenfer's war exclamation (high king of tara):]
(these are the) pillars of mercy
today, i am
tomorrow, i am king -
immortal, strong, exultant, and conquering
[chorus ii:]
pillars of mercy
my song and my word are iniquitous -
gathering assemblies in days gone by
[chorus iii:]
(fire burns with the) pillars of mercy
my chariot races through saw-toothed hills,
and hurls through every valley and mere
[chorus iv:]
pillars of mercy
watchtowers collapse before the lift of the twilight,
i am swift in battle-
my voice is heard
pillars of mercy
Frost, fire, and wind are pelting all the
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there is no dilution for them to fight again
only three chariots are seen on the charred plains -
through all the throngs and clusters, lambs and stallions
"if you should speak to me now,
then i will chamber tara's pinnacle.
why my father? another damning scuffle?
i (still) admire the sound of echoing horns"
[chorus v - cairn warrior and art aenfer's war exclamation (high king of tara):]
(those were the) pillars of mercy
frenzied vultures gnawed the necks of dead men,
as the sturdy, gilded columns had seethed
[chorus vi:]
pillars of mercy
enemies' blood spurted like volley sprigs-
the blustery fight was planned, then fought
[chorus vii:]
(flames flayed on the) pillars of mercy
their vapid minds were troubled and sides were pierced-
and warlike deeds had been fulfilled
[chorus viii:]
pillars of mercy
we saluted chieftains on the regal tara -
we hailed the tyrants that governed our waters
pillars of mercy
there shall be no lack of dignity,
for those who oppose them.
[repeat terminus]
"there will be pillars of mercy"



Exhibit v: tara

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Artista: Absu
Canción: Exhibit v: tara
Duración: 01:55
Vistas: 94

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