Damn you Letra

Steve Vai

El tema "Damn you" interpretado por Steve Vai pertenece a su disco "Fire garden". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Damn you" de Steve Vai.

Damn you lyrics

Suddenly the guilt is written on your face
god only knows how down deep it goes
nothin left to say in this pitiful state
i'm takin' the shame out on a song
I need to settle down maybe
take some pity on myself
Damn you, i said damn
my mind is better off dead
damn you, i said damn
who are these voices in my head
Someone poured cold cement in your soul
and now all the beautiful colors are turning to gray
i notice you're happy only when you're miserable
(like some other people i know)
you love to eat your heart out just for the taste
We bleed so preciously, baby
hopeless refugees of war
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Damn you, i said damn
my mind is better off dead
damn you, i said damn
oh, god, i feel like i'm shot in the head
Into the air and into the lungs
and then down under the skin
sweetly feeding the blood becoming
part of the flesh part of the bone
becoming the brain & blackening the soul
Hip hip hip boom boom way to go
i got a brand new me i don't even know
before i get a little sick or a
little cold, there's just one thing that you should know
We scream so desperately, baby
choking on the words as they fall
Damn you i said damn
my mind is better off dead
damn you i said
i can't stop these feelings

Steve Vai

Steve Vai

Damn you

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Artista: Steve Vai
Canción: Damn you
Duración: 04:30
Vistas: 25.377
Álbum: Fire garden
Etiquetas: steve vai, guitar virtuoso, guitar, rock, instrumental

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