Da bomb freestyle Letra


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Da bomb freestyle lyrics

big shots, we switchin' block
big shots, we stretchin' blocks
so many, rocks in the watch
it looks like connect-the-dots
got more spots then dalmations and polka dots
you tried to, handcuff your girl, came home to broke locks
poking out, chamillionaire is really seen
but if i seen with my heat, it's more then a scary dream
carry green, santa claus be puttin' presents under me
i'm showin' so much green i'm glowin' like a damn christman tree
strippers be, thinkin' the, koopa gonna tip a g
wouldn't see me tip a g' if the braud was a triple-d
flip a ki, nah only flip i know is sucka free
i'm up in the club wearing more then jewlrey then mr. t
oohh, i got to be the throwdest nigga to ever spit
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mama must gave me birth on the toilet 'cuz i'm the ish
ice in the kiss, holmes know that koopa grill is sick
ice on the wrist, dick froze everytime i take a piss
ice on the pinky ring, boy gotta color changin' chain
don't call me out my name, gorilla not orangutang
screens fall like uh rain
everytime i swang the lane
you should've brought an umbrella nigga stop complainin' mayne
hop out a gator quick, know why i make haters sick?
cuz i'm glowin' hard then that beam on dark vader's stick
cock back and spray the clip
chew off the hater's list
22 that rarely fits
so i ruff ryde like jadakiss
screens in a drop-lick
me in the cock-pit
in every conversation, koopa's the topic
plus i'm the top pick
"how the hell he got rich"
pull a drop off the lot, or a yacht off a dock quick



Da bomb freestyle

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Artista: Chamillionaire
Canción: Da bomb freestyle
Duración: 12:45
Vistas: 131

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