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Calling all girls lyrics

Featuring r kelly
[r kelly]
oh what up baby (uh)
atl, dave mack, kells
we up in here
this is for all the ladies, all aound the world
on your mark, get set, go
[verse 1]
nearly all around america
it really doesn't matter where you are
were talking to you
ladies atl is on the way
in the back in the club or the range rov
take your hand and turn up the radio
trying to holla at you
it's dem country boys from around the way
(who wants some real love in their life)
wave your hands in the air, (come on ladies) now scream it out oh yeah
(who needs some real love in their life)
wave them side to side, now where are all the sexy girls (where you at? where you at?)
calling all girls
all around the world,(as we proceed) we want to get to know you
calling all girls
all around the world, we just want to love you (girls girls girls girls) [second time around]
[verse 2]
now every city every block around the globe
every girl every area code
we'll be in your town (in your town, in your town, in your town)
show her some love
cause there's one girl for each one of us guys
and we just wanna switch them numbers
ever had caught you some time
(who wants some real love in their life)
wave your hands in the air,(here we go ladies) now scream it up oh yeah
[ De: ]
(who needs some real love in their life)
come on and wave them side to side, now where are all the sexy girls
(where you at? where you at?)

going world wide (fill up the jets)
going world wide (ladies around the world get ready)
going world wide (were coming to your town)
going world wide (so put your hands up now)
i like them brown, yellow, porturican or asian
slim thin waist with a beautiful facin'
yeah, you no low, you got the ma no low
tims on you sets strong, rollin for do low
i see you in the summertime wearing caprice
looking so good it feels like a hundred degrees
mami please, i need me a chick that will stay down
hittin' so many cities, they call me greyhound
i'm searching for the finest, the type of girl thats rough but still a diamond,
fills like phyllis hammad
i'm looking for a mami, a girl that chill and discuss
and play the cut, don't be sayin' too much
but i'm not pursuing them, some say that i'm ruining them
but twenty cent dude, i'm known for bagging two of them
thats how we doin' them, they hard to tell
you need to holla at dem boys called atl
Atl we callin' out
shy town we callin' out
new york we callin' out
nya up to la
uptown we callin' out
oak town we callin' out


Calling all girls

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Artista: Atl
Canción: Calling all girls
Duración: 04:30
Vistas: 21.551
Álbum: The atl project
Etiquetas: grooves, featuring, memories, rnb, atl calling all girls

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