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El tema "California" interpretado por Loudermilk pertenece a su disco "The red record". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "California" de Loudermilk.

California lyrics

The sun wakes me on devil's morning
his arms stretched over the town to make a red sky
month of juliet and you are gorgeous, the dust you ingest you die
broke my link my ideal now their eyes
like their lies move on quick like a suicide
summer prays that she could be rain
as the car crash left you for the blame
and nightfall brought your daemons and evil arkaide
she is the famine, i'm california
he is dakota, i'm california
there can't be lying in california
left like the west, i am california
the sunset was the devil's warning
[ De: ]
his siren was louder than love and it sounds so pretty relieved that you fell
like the leaves of a cherry tree
something born in my brain bleeding silver and rain lives a will that can't ever change
and nightfall was a shock so you closed your eyes, a fever breaks out through the line
and i'm gone 'cause i felt the curse of the sun
you left your sweetheart in
he is beautiful and a whore and he'll die with you on the floor
sounds like sugar into your ear and his spiderweb caught your tear
i noticed he's writing his name in your hand
what was your chrisitan name california



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Artista: Loudermilk
Canción: California
Duración: 04:55
Vistas: 5.667
Álbum: The red record
Etiquetas: 90s, alternative rock

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