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Busted lyrics

I forget when words were only words she knows the party makes me
Nervous in this stage we can't get hurt don't try to understand me
We're too cool to be alone but not too crazy to get busted
I found out one life ain't enough i need another soul to feed on i'm
The flame i can't get burnt i'm wholly understated
I found silence in this space an on and off again attraction i need
Such amazing grace heaven sweep me away love don't
Change, don't come around here don't wear my heart on your
Sleeve like a high school letter don't strain, cuz nothing ever comes
From it and the people we've become, well they've never been the
People who we are

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I strap on one horse and prayed for luck i dug another hole to bleed
I know exactly how this works i need a new feel dirty
I dont need you crowding up my space i just want to get inside you
You cant believe the hearts you save giving something away

I dreamt that the world was crumbling down we sat on my back porch and
Watched it
I dreamed that the buildings all fel down we sat on my back porch and
Watched it, yeah
Yeah well i dreamed that the world was crumbling down we sat on my
Back porch and watched it
In my head i heard a sound like 15 strangers dancing
And oh how i want you to know me
Oh how i want you to know me
And oh how i wish i was somebody else baby
Oh how i wish you could own, own me

Matchbox 20

Matchbox 20


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Artista: Matchbox 20
Canción: Busted
Duración: 04:16
Vistas: 10.162
Etiquetas: what a great song, rock, 90s alternative

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