Brown sugar Letra

Maestro Fresh Wes

El tema "Brown sugar" interpretado por Maestro Fresh Wes pertenece a su disco "'naaah, dis kid can't be from canada?'". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Brown sugar" de Maestro Fresh Wes.

Brown sugar lyrics

(sugar sugar sugar) (4x)

It's like a hot fudge drippin down
Drippin down drippin
You got me trippin
I'm almost slippin
Genuine one of a kind

(sugar sugar sugar)

[ verse 1 ]
As i walk into the room it's easy to assume
A brother like me loves the girls with a boom
Coolin with my fellas talkin how we makin ends
Walkin through the 'valley of the skins' like my nigga trendz
Seen a hot dame, i had to kick game
Not a regular type of hottie i be seein on the train
Voluptous, i was presumtuous
So i had to step up, step up, step up to this
She said, "you can't handle this
I'm livin far from scandalous
I don't drink beers, don't smoke cannabis
Don't need a man for shit
I'm an independent chick
Salt-n-pepa type of heffa, yeah, i'm on my own dick
Never actin pompous, i'm strictly conscious
Got goals in life that i'm tryin to accomplish
A real good looker, far from a hooker
My first name's brown and my last name is sugar"

[ chorus ]

[ verse 2 ]
You shoulda seen it, hops, she raised my eyebrows
The way the titties went bang and that ass went pow
She said, "my hair's always done, nails always polished
Got knowledge, plus i go to a all-girl college"
I had to step in and started tellin her
"baby look, all-girl college pussy ain't no better than the regular"
(laughter) she started laughin and said i was cute
But i ain't cute, you're cute with that skin-tight suit
You see what i'm sayin, i wasn't sweatin her
But my game was on point cause i was gettin her
Wettin her, lettin her
Check me out with her retina
Scopin that ass just like a predator
She said, "wes, you're a real cool brother
[ De: ]
Damn, why didn't i met you earlier this summer?"
I asked why, she said, "you got mad flavs
But i'm goin back to college and i leave in two days
But don't get me wrong, word to my moms
I'll be back for thanksgiving, so you know i put you on"
You know i had a front like i was chillin
But deep down inside "let's hit in now, money, fuck thanksgiving"
I said, "baby doll, don't play
You know a brother like me gives thanks every day"
She said, "don't even try it, i'm far from a hooker
My first name's brown and my last name is sugar

[ chorus ]

No additives, no preservatives
(sugar, sugar, sugar)
A granulated, often imitated, never duplicated brown
(sugar, sugar, sugar)
No saccharin, no equal or sequel
(sugar, sugar, sugar)
A granulated, often imitated, never duplicated brown
(sugar, sugar, sugar)
That's right

[ verse 3 ]
She said, "wes, don't look at me as just sexual
I mean, i know i look good, but shit, i'm also intellectual
I caught ya peepin my behind
But we got so much in common, let our minds intwine"
"i hear what you're sayin," is what i told her
"and it seems like you got a good head on your shoulders
And yeah, i must admit that your style's slick
But fuck that janet-jackson-let's-wait-a-while shit"
She said, "the more we talk, the more i'm with this
But don't get me mixed up with all these other bitches
I just met you, i ain't with it, but i'll admit it
When i come back i might let you hit it
I can't play myself and look soft
Cause in 1994 you know i'm comin off
I got my act down pat, proud of bein black
Don't need a nigga for jack, and my pockets stay fat
A real good looker, far from a hooker
My first name's brown and my last name's sugar"

[ chorus]
Maestro Fresh Wes

Maestro Fresh Wes

Brown sugar

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Artista: Maestro Fresh Wes
Canción: Brown sugar
Duración: 04:31
Vistas: 1.007
Álbum: 'naaah, dis kid can't be from canada?'

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