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El tema "Another way" interpretado por Savatage pertenece a su disco "The wake of magellan". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Another way" de Savatage.

Another way lyrics

Times were changing
eighteen years and fading
ain't a lot of time left to be a star
On an island
All alone and dying
Walk upon the water
but you won't get far
Dreams and visions
tied into decisions
saw you on a postcard
from the other side
Hope and glitter
Never feeling bitter
Walk upon the water
Just to be your bride
Don't tell me now
that there is nothing more
there is a how
just like there is a door
and if there's not to be another way
you tell me why
Stay and follow
if the words are hollow
gotta' go along
cause it's all you got
Each day earn them
turn around and burn them
think your fitting in
but you hope you're not
Neatly drowning
Every drink your downing
if you drink enough
You'll forget the game
Each illusion
Wrapped in absolution
live your life in weekends
but it's not the same
Don't tell me now
that there is nothing more
there is a how
just like there is a door
and if there's not to be another way
you tell me why
And as he stood there cursing fate
for making life so hard
it seemed that fate had listened
for she dealt another card
[ De: ]
For arriving in the harbour
silhouetted against the sky
was a ship bound for america
and her name, "maersk dubai"
And so when no one else was looking
and the ship was safely moored
he waited for his moment
then he quickly snuck on board
Then he found himself a hiding place
between two crates of iron ware
and as for distant america
in his mind he was already there
But what he was unaware of
as they sailed away from shore
was that there were other stowaways
and he was one of four
And meanwhile the old sailor
had walked right past that pier
while still conversing with the ocean
on the strengths of his idea
And as he walked he came upon
a youth he thought asleep
but the ocean said that he was not
and brushed a wave against his feet
And when the young man didn't stir
but lay quite still instead
the sailor took a closer look
and saw that he was dead
And all around the body
was something he had never seen
little cellophane packages
marked "blackjack guillotine"
And so he asked the ocean
what these strange packets were
And she answered they held the heroin
That in his blood the youth had stirred
And it is certainly a sign
that things have gotten out of hand
when one can purchase ones own death
and choose it by the brand


Another way

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Artista: Savatage
Canción: Another way
Duración: 04:34
Vistas: 26.369
Álbum: The wake of magellan
Etiquetas: prog, power metal, progressive metal, rock, heavy metal

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