All word no play Letra

Sage Francis

El tema "All word no play" interpretado por Sage Francis pertenece a su disco "'still trouble'". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "All word no play" de Sage Francis.

All word no play lyrics

Verse one:
Who wants to play a game?
game boy
boy george
george bush
bush pie
pie plate
plate tectonics
catch my continental drift
word play
play time
stop quick
quick pick
pixie stick
stick shift
shifty eye
imus in the morning
mourning the death
death metal
medal award
award winning
winning vote
vote for the lesser
service myself
sufficient funding
dingoes eating my baby
bees wax
wax on wax off
falafel wraps
raps off beat
beat poet
poet lauriet
"it doesn't look like an ice sculpture, ?"
bit the culture
culture clash
clash of the titans
cure for cancer
sir, yes, sir
serbian attack
full of shit
super hoe
hoe hoppin'
hop in the van, sure
burt and ernie
knee pad
pad lock
lochness monster
stir the madness in a cup
pull your weight
wait on her
peas porridge in a pot
pot luck
luck of the draw
draw bridge
bridge the gap
gap teeth
teeth marks
sister act ii
too much love
love handles
love handles itself
it's selfish
fish and chips
chips paint
paint brush
brush with death
death wish
wish upon a star
star struck
struck gold
gold plate
plate tectonics
catch my continental drift
drift inward
word play
the non-prophets
cuz some emcees are all word and no play
some rappers are all dat and no deejay
Verse two:
this is sage francis
co-dependent relationship
ship wreck
electoral vote
vote me into senate
knit picky joe beats
joe beats off to asian porn
pawn shop
shop of horrors
scope the premises for records
kids incorporated
rated x
extremely dope
dope smoking
king tuttenkhamen
common practice
disaholic #1
won the battle, lost the war graffiti bombin'
in the event of an emergency
seek helping hands
han solo
low profile
file for divorce
divorce court
caught cheating on your progress report
port authority
[ De: ]
neanderthal pandering whore
hormones make whores moan
mona lisa
lease a car
car phone
graphic language
language arts
arts festival
voluptuous tone
tone loc
shin guard
guard your grill
grill piece
peace pipe
pipe line
line backer
back 'er up
uptown baby baby baby baby, uh!
another one bites the dust
dust mite
might an emcee want to bust a mic?
michael jackson
son of sam
night of the living bassheads
head south for the summer
somersault and fall
into your winter wonderland
where bed springs sing this song
cuz some emcees are all word and no play
some rappers are all dat and no deejay
dejay perseus break it down like this!
Verse three:
We are the non-prophets
fitzgerald ford
four door
door prize
prize winning ticket
ticket stub
stub my toe
tow truck
truck turner
turn her off
off base
sick of drug-free
free mumia
ya' gotta' pick your battle
battle cry
cry baby
baby huey
huey lewis and the news
news at 9
87 was the year i saw the run's house tour
tore your green card apart
a part time sucka with no job
late pass
pass me by
pass the time
time passes slow
"slow downâ?¦you little hooker"
hooker t. washington
tinted window
doberman pincer
pinch 'er ass
sets the mood
swing low sweet chariot
chariot of fire
fire water
water log
log cabin
cabin fever
throw ninja stars of david
david letterman
let 'em inside from the snow
snow cone
coney island
lyndon johnson
bad dog, no!
no play and all word
my flows spray awkward moments into the airwaves. they're altered
altered beast
creased lee jean
gene pool
pool hall
mark of the beast
beastie boy
boy-loving priest
hood rat
rat bastid
did you know heaps of hoe freaks
peck the wood so much they're left with broke beaks?
i chuck the bird so far they're left dangling from phone lines like old sneaks
so don't sleep on what your soul seeks. it's sage and joe beats
Cuz some emcees are all ";
(game over)
Sage Francis

Sage Francis

All word no play

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Artista: Sage Francis
Canción: All word no play
Duración: 03:23
Vistas: 11.145
Álbum: 'still trouble'
Etiquetas: indie, speedleavinghiphop, hip-hop, test, hip hop

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