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Letra de Bible Paper, canción donde Prodigy interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Albert Einstein feat. The Alchemist. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Prodigy no te pierdas este single llamado Bible Paper, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Bible Paper - Prodigy

Escuchar Prodigy Bible Paper Lyric Video.

Prodigy canta la cancion Bible Paper dentro de su album Albert Einstein feat. The Alchemist, os dejamos con la letra de Bible Paper para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Albert Einstein feat. The Alchemist y de Prodigy.

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Prodigy & Alchemist
 Bible Paper
Lyrics (Prodigy) I
go to town on you
Beat the crown off
you Beat the
clothes off you
try'na get the
hounds off you
Nigga fightin' back
is only gonna make
it worse I don't
respect your little
punches I'mma make
it hurt A cold lead
shower, a hot blood
bubble bath Throw
him in the acid and
get rid of the
gooey mess Turn
that nigga into
special sauce,
chill lord I'm not
a killer but you
pushin' me to set
it off And I'mma
lash out, and I'mma
mash out Laughin',
I'm wicked, blow
the hash and the
kush down Focus on
the bread when
niggas try to
gaffle me That's
when I treat 'em
with force and
brutality My palms
keep itchin' my
money don't stop
Cause my work keep
clickin' I got it
bolt locked Gang of
Indians that smoke
the peace pipe dolo
Excuse you cause
when it's murder, I
solo (Alchemist)
Word collision, I
talk reckless
Position precious
stones in the
necklace Little
doggy this is chess
not Tetris You
little cold sore I
spray the
Relentless aura
cryptic black hoody
discus Ellsworth
Bump and the Dutch
man back to
business Car
bombers, tommy gun
spinnin' bullets
spit at a witness
Mix the K2 with the
eucalyptus plant
Pistol in hand,
rock 'em to sleep
like tryptophan
Then douse the
weapon and spic and
span Your triggers
jam I shoot fast
like Vinnie the
Microwave Roll a
spliff with a Bible
Boogie board on a
tidal wave Very
groovy, prosthetic
limbs by Louis Rap
pornographic snuff
movie, burn a
loosey Denim durag,
Cavalli kufi, The
brolic finger ring
is excrement The
chain's dookie
Motherfuckers Yeah
All the time,
everytime My gun
erupt, my money
climb My bitch
fine, I dress clean
But I'm a dirty New
Yorker out that
killer Queens I eat
good, I rap great
My life is fuckin'
awesome, yeah
fuckin' a I take
off, this launch
pad To zero
gravity, I float, I
don't fall, I can't
So high, it's no
coming down So fly,
I just might go
south MIA, water
sports You leave me
be, or it'll be a
Homicides, prison
time Hospital
emergency when it's
dinner time Eat a
skull, eat a spine
He in bad shape, he
can't be identified
Bet a nigga never
think twice Cause
his first thought'd
be don't do it Bet
that bitch slide up
and down with her
mouth for this thug
music Letra Bible
Paper Lyrics
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