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Letra de Missin' Links, canción donde Plan B interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Who Needs Actions When You Got Words. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Plan B no te pierdas este single llamado Missin' Links, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Missin' Links - Plan B

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Plan B canta la cancion Missin' Links dentro de su album Who Needs Actions When You Got Words, os dejamos con la letra de Missin' Links para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Who Needs Actions When You Got Words y de Plan B.

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Look out my front door, what do I see,
Another likkle yoot on the street
shottin weed, It wont be too long before
that yoot is shottin smack, Sellin
heroin to his bredrins and dat, Makin
fast cash, thinkin he's goin places, And
he will be straight after the court
cases, He thought the streets would
bring him glamour and fame, But now he's
locked up and noone remebers his name,
(Cos you know) it's alright just how
easily people are forgotten, One minute
your heading for the top, You don't ever
look like stoppin, Then suddenly you
find yourself right back at the bottom,
Thas life though, and so's gettin cut
with a knife so, Watch your step if you
don't wanna get blood on your nikes bro,
'Cos these streets will have you up when
you least expect it, You say you don't
fear death but you know you respect it
(Chorus) Time is missing links, Chucking
you right back in, Feels like somethings
missing, yeaa Time is missing links,
Chucking you right back in, Feels like
somethings missing, yeaa I've seen my
best friends cry, I've seen my best
friends die, I've had my best friends
lie about how there doin fine, I've had
so many best friends in my time, And
most of them I've lost to smokin white
lines, I aint no stranger to drugs I've
had my fair share, Had my head up in the
clouds like a fucking care bare, Chattin
all dat raah care, yea I'm jus
experimentin, MDMA LSD amphetimins, all
da rest of dat shit dat goes wid it, Why
is it everyone who does drugs finks they
know everyting dere is to know about
life already, Jus by sittin on their
setee doing drugs infront of the telly,
Finkin there heavy, 'cos dey live their
lives like dat, High on crack what sort
of fucking life is dat? Whatever happend
to your dreams and aspirations blud, Now
the highlight of your day is
masturbation blud, (Chorus) Time is
missing links, Chucking you right back
in, Feels like somethings missing, yeaa
Time is missing links, Chucking you
right back in, Feels like somethings
missing, yeaa You only end up in the
gutter, if you live your life on the
curb, Or if you choose to take it one
step further then the herb, The shit is
gettin worse, it's always been like
this, Lifes a game of give an take an
people take the right piss, I've seen a
most self-righteous a man fall off the
wagon, and start chasing the dragon,
It's funny how now there the ones with
the problem, Look how much their big
fuckin mouths have gone and cost them,
Used to be the type that looked down on
man, Now their inhaling toxins through a
biro and, It's ironic don't you think
that 5 years back the same cats are now
on crack, They didn't even used to drink
now there the missing links, In the
world of wasted talent, could of been
great now there just making up the
balance, Musicans, artists, writers,
authours, Gymnasts athletes footballers,
Bare peeps I used to know that could of
turned pro now the only game they play
is the one on road, Wether it be drug
pushin shopliftin or prostitution, Some
sort of instution seems like the only
solution, Stop the manour lookin like
some kinda mardi gradis, This guy cause
on the corner askin if you wanna party,
It's narsty, drivin through the ends
it's like a safari, Don't get out of
your car unless you got crackhead
kamakazi (kamakazi) (Chorus) (Repeat x2)
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