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Letra de U Got Me Hot, canción donde NB Ridaz interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm NB Ridaz.com. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de NB Ridaz no te pierdas este single llamado U Got Me Hot, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra U Got Me Hot - NB Ridaz

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NB Ridaz canta la cancion U Got Me Hot dentro de su album NB Ridaz.com, os dejamos con la letra de U Got Me Hot para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album NB Ridaz.com y de NB Ridaz.

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This song right here is dedicated to
that pretty lil' mama right there
(Wassup girl?) Tell me mama- how you
feel if I touch you right here? Like
this You got me hot My body's on fire I
gotta feel your touch I can't get enough
of you (Don't be shy mama don't be shy)
You got me hot My body's on fire (Tell
me mama how you feel) I gotta feel your
touch (You ready?) I can't get enough of
you Now she was rockin hot jeans Low-cut
baby tee Hotter than the Fourth of July
in A Z I mean I'm trippin I couldn't
even think Booty so thick she can hold
two drinks I must be dreamin cuz I
couldn't believe her And then I'm feelin
sick like Saturday night fever I turn
around and asked Zig Zag "What I gotta
do to get a dime like that?" Two seconds
flat she's lookin at me Two seconds
passed and she walks toward me I drop
dollars cuz my game don't stop And all
she said was "Damn boy you got me hot"
(Chorus) You got me hot My body's on
fire I gotta feel your touch I can't get
enough of you You got me hot My body's
on fire I gotta feel your touch I can't
get enough of you I've been eyeing you
baby girl since I got here (Hello)
Physcial attraction, makin eye contact
Already knowin that I wanna know that
I'm at the bar at the same time ordering
the same drink I love the way your jeans
fit your hips mami Shared some
conversation a bit She told me that she
had a man That he treats her bad and if
I was down with a one-night stand Then
she took my hand, whispered in my ear
that she wasn't wearin no underwear Then
I'm like "Hey ya'll homies, I'll be
back. I'm about to hit it with no
strings attached." (Chorus) Rock up in
the spot like a ghetto superstar I seen
this honey standing up at the bar
(Wassup girl?) Walked up to her and I
said "Wassup shorty, is your name
Christina cuz you lookin kinda dirty,
flirty." Says boy you're makin me hot
Bouncin', shakin gimme all that you got
Love the way you make it clap Make your
neck snap back Love the way you grindin
Oooh girl that booty phat Body's on fire
Can I touch I got the kinda game to give
you more than enough While the night is
still jumpin While the DJ is still
spinning Too many hotties make me wanna
get up in 'em (Chorus) Letra U Got Me
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