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Letra de Southwest Ridaz, canción donde NB Ridaz interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm NB Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de NB Ridaz no te pierdas este single llamado Southwest Ridaz, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Southwest Ridaz - NB Ridaz

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NB Ridaz canta la cancion Southwest Ridaz dentro de su album NB, os dejamos con la letra de Southwest Ridaz para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album NB y de NB Ridaz.

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Send NB Ridaz polyphonic ringtone to
your cell phone (churos): uh! seat back
relax take a trip with me let me show
you how we doit in the big AZ(wat the
fly)southwest ridaz r you feeling me. so
this time go run and take your friend nb
ridaz r back to streets yo nb ridaz so
take a rida so take a little trip thers
the devil coming from the sun from the
kenedy side yo nb ridaz r back. cath me
in big body smoking like a bond then
bomy like a four twenty with pistol in
your face that you see in 3-D welcome to
my world and this is how we go on the
nite oll you got nine tell me how you
somke that inferfaction o get down those
make sure evryones in the bong is mine
is olot to stere even if you shake a
spill we all run all hynas we star fire
all we smoke in a air zone for smoking
doje this is tha grand fellony homie as
i told you it was game over homie the nb
ridaz are your name you think your fast
from all yo buckle up yo buckle buckle
up yo.(chorus) seat back relax take a
trip with me let me show you how we doit
in the big AZ southwest ridaz r you
feeling me(yea)now how wants to take a
trip(come on)take a friend nb ridaz(nb
ridaz)nb ridaz (medallion)so take a
little trip with me(lets take a trip
baby)hip hop the bottle and twist the
cap couse the nb ridaz r back(come
on).jusgado pero lo mato con la pluma y
el papel 40.million mexicans is wat i
werepresent quien kiero pedo leguo leguo
siempre listo para el convate dobles
lenguas a llega go even rapers es mas
brabo some of they fell they got skills
we like piranas while you dround in the
lake prendido crusando la frontera like
an evelech hus like an eighte six rego
protamaste tu estilo lo robaste tu
propria madre dice that you aint good
for nothin must be the reasen why your
kinds dont know your papi cause your a
player want to be a rapper but your
slopi i ven tested is time to retaliet
im 90 sells a week deep your 40 sells
deep is a shime but the game they want
to play southwest ridaz all night all
day.(churos) seat back relax take a trip
with me (yea wats crakin is your boy
mr.shadow doin a anexpected with my boys
nb ridaz)nb ridaz so take a rida(yea)
(come on) so take a little trip with me
aha hip hop the bottle and twist the cap
couse the nb ridaz wat r back wat
from the south side cali west side gang
always wat a piace of an a staible homie
you int comepatle from the southwest
ridaz if you rap with no skills ha thers
no surviving kip traying stop you wining
we stay shining so hi in the sky all the
charges we stay climbing your running
out of time and im running out of
passion the hold state wer going to run
the holl nayshin bramayshin shadownashin
we makeing hits in the basment making
music with out a inertation in just in
case any body got beef im the houl
dallar maother fu***** belive you red
meat houl thats me and the nb ridaz AZ
to the XG shh do you dinay us come and
tray us im in the club im fifty the houl
dollar mothe f****.(chorus)seat back
relax take a trip with me let me sgow
you how we doit in the big AZ south west
ridaz r you felling me now hou wants to
take trip nb ridaz so take a rida so
take a little trip with me hip hop the
bottle and twist the cap cause the nb
ridaz r back. Letra Southwest Ridaz
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