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Letra de Party in Arizona, canción donde NB Ridaz interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Invasion. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de NB Ridaz no te pierdas este single llamado Party in Arizona, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Party in Arizona - NB Ridaz

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NB Ridaz canta la cancion Party in Arizona dentro de su album Invasion, os dejamos con la letra de Party in Arizona para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Invasion y de NB Ridaz.

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Intro On a hot dessert high way rollin
my 64 feel the heat from the blacktop
represent with my boys all the cars
start to raise up all the girls on the
floor gettin ready for the party tonight
through it up if your down to roll Verse
1 Come on come on lets do it again 2
double o 1 dropin it nbk with a brand
new twist didn't know we could drop like
this player don't hate bump this az
riders never quit nasty girls got to
work the hips in the club do that cause
im to the az rap biz what jason is to
the suns kid heavy ballers shot caller
demo tapes and swap meet dollars uhh yea
that's it billboard bound with another
hit for the euros and lowlows and the
mamcitas at the car show. Now wheres
that spot that's hot down to rock lets
roll party never stops wont stop low
lows drop fa show vips with me ballers
ball all day players play this way
dessert freaks allways bring that heat
today is what you shaking that a what
you want you need find it where az party
jumpin every where at 4 am we don't care
that's the way we play & that's the way
its going to stay. Chorus Welcome to the
party in arizona (arizona) any time of
year (any time of year) we can party
here (we can party) putting it down for
the party in arizona (arizona) any time
of year (any time of year) theres a
party here (theres a party here) Verse 2
Now we hitting the clubs like we owning
the spot its front row vip for mister
zig smelling like a mixture of armani
and weed my crew on high class friends
making high class ends better watch how
the f*k we spend we at the bar buring
hundreds end fiftys the next colangelo
cause im balling in my city we blow doe
doe every day get down to the nitty
gritty. And ride till the rims fall off
this kind of shiz they knokin wall to
wall. Rollin up by henisee and killer
weed they killing me my mental seed is
driving overboard crazy warden subject
to be my lord but Im not fallin out my
dirty south freaky niggas withg all that
gold in their mouth I wont renonce
todding my gun having my fun breaking
bread with my loved ones raymond rolling
the weed in the pheonix streets been up
been down been struck by greif to
maintain and rearrange my life styles
fast gaining living life so wild how you
like me now moved out the house you ask
why im so lucky better get some weed and
count your deeds cause its all about the
big az. Chorus Verse 3 So come on and
smoke with me its zig zag and mc showing
the world how we live life in az get
banned from tv light camera its on now
picture that like kodak my clicks on
flash make them bob there heads till
they got whiplash uhh wont stop till the
panties drop for the freaks that's
waiting in the parking lot for the
autograph backstage pass begging mc just
to hit the ass nbk with a brand new sway
houston texas to the bay I know u feel
what I got to say got to floss arizona
in a major way. Chorus Letra Party in
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