Panties Droppin - NB Ridaz

Letra de Panties Droppin, canción donde NB Ridaz interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Invasion. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de NB Ridaz no te pierdas este single llamado Panties Droppin, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Panties Droppin - NB Ridaz

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NB Ridaz canta la cancion Panties Droppin dentro de su album Invasion, os dejamos con la letra de Panties Droppin para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Invasion y de NB Ridaz.

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Intro Mira chulo tu me llamas e' Aqui
esta mi numero! The beat don't stop till
the panties drop, It don't stop, It
won't stop The beat don't stop till the
panties drop It don't stop, it won't
stop Chorus And you know it just don't
stop, And you know it just won't stop
There will be no stoppin' till the
panties start droppin, And you know it
just don't stop, And you know it just
won't stop There will be no stoppin'
till the panties start droppin baby,
Verse 1 Back in the day when I was young
I'm not a kid anymore, But some days I
sit and wish I was a kid again, Cuz I
remember crazy summer nights, sneakin
all up in your window just to do you
right, Panties wetter than a slip and
slide, you trembelin inside, I promise
I'll be back tomorrow night, your body's
callin` 12-play since the 1st day, Now
how can I forget those days. Tellin mom
and daddy we was goin` to the movies,
Damn girl! If they really knew what we
was doin`, I know I probably shouldn't
even start to say, But every time I
reminisce it brings a smile to my face.
Heavy breathin and you wisper baby
please don't Stop, you know I'm on this
mission till you hit That spot, so every
time you need someone To make it hot,
you know the beat wont stop until the
panties drop.. Chorus Now play this slow
jam; I got ya bumpin and grindin' like
R.Kelly, With bedroom games poppin off
like lingerie parties, (woo!) Life is
lovely, puffin on herb we sippin bubbly,
While I rub ya, down with body oils
Tellin all your girlfriends how Ziggy
got you spoiled, Kiss you from your lips
to the middle of you hips, How about
that like from the front to the back,
And how does it feel to on your fourth
climax, goin looney screamin' I got 5 on
it, now can make into a carmel sundae
with the cherries on top, Painting you
with whip cream, you know I want my cake
and be able to eat it too, can ya get
the hint, organisms got your heart
beating like if its on sprint , taking
off make love on the clouds, now what's
the odds, meetin' at the same spot at
the same time Chorus Verse 3 Are you
down to make it hot straight up
explicit, Wanna lick on the spot no one
else dares to hit, You a nasty girl I'm
a nasty boy let me rub you down, Kiss
you all around you're the type that will
be down, You're that freaky deeky like
it kinky like that, What you want what
you need insist I hi it from the back
sayin, "Aye papi chulo baby please don't
stop" as we proceed to make it hot, to
the stars at 12 o' clock Lay back relax
let me take you through the motions, My
genie in a bottle as I rub you with the
lotion, By the ocean, makin love through
the breeze, Got you rush climaxing from
your head to your knees Never ending
night we both will never forget, A love
seen to repeated on that you can bet,
Cuz you know it won't be stoppin till
the panties start droppin, NBK once
again keepin you steady rockin, Chorus
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