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Letra de See World, canción donde J. Cole interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Friday Night Lights. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de J. Cole no te pierdas este single llamado See World, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra See World - J. Cole

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J. Cole canta la cancion See World dentro de su album Friday Night Lights, os dejamos con la letra de See World para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Friday Night Lights y de J. Cole.

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(Verse 1:) Gettin higher than the soul
of little Shaniya, To the ones that
killed her, hope you burn in fire. I'm
burnin tires on the strip, tryna get a
grip, Liquor in the cupholder, tryna get
a sip. 6 shots of Hennessey, I'm still
goin strong. Please numb me from the
bullshit that's goin on. That girl was 5
years old that they just murdered, And
did some wicked shit to her that was
unheard of, You fuckin coward. Ain't
gotta tell em' go to Hell, Cause that's
the shit that make them other niggas
sick in Jail; So you gon' feel it.
Travel the world reppin this city, know
I'm gon kill it, But yet a nigga ain't
got a clue... how I'm gon deal with All
the bullshit. Niggas sendin shots my
way. You put a hit out on me, think that
I'm gon stop? No way. Gon have to kill
me, or witness a nigga livin so filthy
Young, Black, and Wealthy, nigga for
that I'm guilty. Still see all the fake
shit. It's funny somehow thought the
money could erase it. No matter how much
dough you got you gotta face it, And to
my niggas gone hope you in a better
place, If I make it I'll holla...
(Chorus:) See World (See world, See
world) You're no good See World (See
world, See world) You're no good No
matter how I hate flashbacks and rewinds
Can't escape the pain that's trapped in
my mind See World (See world, See world)
You're no good (Verse 2: J. Cole) Yeah I
got a chip on my shoulder the size of a
golden nugget The industry overlook me
for that I be holding grudges Wouldn't
take a chance on me Suddenly it's, oh
you love it Let's get a cole feature
that's gon put you over budget Picture
being broke with no pot to piss in And
then suddenly your idols is your
competition Used to be God to me, slowly
losing my religion As these notes from
my composition turn the compositions
thin Put it out and hope the World sing
We sippin' liquor for the pain that the
World bring We had dreams just to make
it up the flag pole Just to find out
that out heroes were some ass holes
Y'all don't hear me, maybe you had the
World figured out wrong When these
niggas go from singing our songs to
waiting on you Bout a year later the
same ones be hatin' on you Every other
record these rappers be faking on you We
singing songs but we know that ain't
true We know you gotta make the people
pay you Cause either you play the game
or watch the game play you And be that
broke motherfucker talkin bout "I stay
true" (Chorus) Letra See World Lyrics
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