Big Blonde And Beautiful - Hairspray

Letra de Big Blonde And Beautiful, canción donde Hairspray interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Hairspray (Soundtrack To The Motion Picture). Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Hairspray no te pierdas este single llamado Big Blonde And Beautiful, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Big Blonde And Beautiful - Hairspray

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Hairspray canta la cancion Big Blonde And Beautiful dentro de su album Hairspray (Soundtrack To The Motion Picture), os dejamos con la letra de Big Blonde And Beautiful para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Hairspray (Soundtrack To The Motion Picture) y de Hairspray.

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MOTORMOUTH Once upon a time Girl i was
just like you Never let my extra large
Largesse shine through Hair was brown
and nappy Never had no fun I hid under a
bushel Which is easier said than done!
Then one day my grandma Who was big and
stout She said you gotta love yourself
From inside out And just as soon as i
learned How to strut my funky stuff I
found out that the world at large Cant
get enough so... Bring on that pecan pie
Pour some sugar on it Sugar don't be shy
Scoop me up a mess Of that chocolate
swirl Don't be stingy, I'm a growing
girl 1 offer big love With no apology
How can i deny the world The most of me
I am not afraid To throw my weight
around Pound by pound by pound Because
i'm Big, blonde and beautiful There is
nothin' 'bout me That's unsuitable No
one wants a meal That only offers the
least When girl we're servin' up The
whole damn feast Slice off a piece Of
that hog head cheese Then take a look
inside My book of recipes Now, don't you
sniff around For something fluffy and
light I need a man who brings A
man-size... Appetite I'll use a pinch of
sugar And a dash of spice I'll let ya
lick the spoon Because it tastes so nice
I'll keep it in my oven 'Til it's good
and hot Keep on stirring til it hits the
spot Because i'm... Big, blonde and
beautiful And Edna girl, you're lookin'
so Recruitable Why sit in the bleachers
Timid and afraid When Edna, You can be
your own parade! TRACY So? How 'bout it,
Mama? EDNA Well, I am big, I am
blonde... ish, and if you say I'm
beautiful, I guess I'm beautiful. OK,
I'll do it! ALL Yeaaa! Look out old
Baltimore We're marching in 'And we
ain't shufflin' Through that old back
door EDNA And Tracy, i will join the
fight If i can keep up this pace WILBUR
And girls, i'll be right at your side If
i can find some space MOTORMOUTH So you
can Hold your head up Just as big as ya
please You know they'll hear me knockin'
With the two of these! MOTORMOUTH &
ENSEMBLE Tomorrow, side by side We'll
show the world what's right EDNA Looks
like i'm touchin' up my roots tonight!
MOTORMOUTH & ENSEMBLE Then we'll be Big,
blonde and beautiful It's time to face
the fact It's irrefutable Can't ya hear
that rumbling? That's our hunger to be
free It's time to fin'ly taste Equality
mother/daughter day Where thin is in,
We're white as wool MOTORMOUTH Well
ladies, big is back! And as for black,
...Beautiful!! MOTORMOUTH All shapes and
sizes, follow me EDNA Let's bust their
chops! VELMA Quick, cali the cops!
dance our way to victory! And get us on
TV! PROTESTERS 2...4...6...8...TV'S got
to integrate! COUNCIL MEMBERS Stay away!
This isn't Negro Day! (Police sirens
wail. Whistles blow. As the protesters
continue their march, they are loaded
into the addy wagon.) MOTORMOUTH You bet
i'm big! EDNA (pulling on Velmas hair)
This blond is gray! LINK Tracy, this was
beautiful! MOTORMOUTH Big, blonde, and
beautiful leads the way! ENSEMBLE No
one's getting on TV today! Letra Big
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