I'm So Hood - G-Unit

Letra de I'm So Hood, canción donde G-Unit interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Beg For Mercy. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de G-Unit no te pierdas este single llamado I'm So Hood, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra I'm So Hood - G-Unit

Escuchar G-Unit I'm So Hood Lyric Video.

G-Unit canta la cancion I'm So Hood dentro de su album Beg For Mercy, os dejamos con la letra de I'm So Hood para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Beg For Mercy y de G-Unit.

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Yeah.. YEAH.. YEAH! (Verse One: 50 Cent)
Lil' Tyrone tired of gettin his ass
whipped, so he holdin that gat down His
momma think it's my fault, cause he
listened to "Back Down" Bobby was a
fuckin bum, he pumping placks now He
keeps some fresh kicks, white T's and
fitted hats now Uncle Rock the wino, he
won't put the 'gnac down Eric had a jump
shot, but he's smokin crack now The
Lunatics, the Lost Boyz, Cheeks' shit is
whack now Country blew trial, them
crackers got him on his back now And
Sean (*ka-click*) runnin round with his
fuckin gat now Up in niggaz cribs, sayin
where that money at pal? Now Sandra from
BK I seen her out in Houston That bitch
travelled the world, she runnin round
boostin Now Toya got these bad-ass kids,
they a nuisance Her baby daddies never
come around, they useless Every now and
then I come through on some new shit
Pearly white 6 and some chrome
deuce-deuces (Chorus: 50 Cent - repeat
2X) I'm so hood - I can't help it I'm so
hood - I can't help it Love me for bein
me - cause I can't change it Can't
rearrange it, I am what I am So love me
for bein me (Verse Two: 50 Cent) When I
was six man, momma told me God don't
like ugly I fell, scraped my face, and
thought God must don't love me See Owen
every mornin before school, he sell dope
Niggaz keep whuppin Nut ass cause he
sell soap Charlie be beggin all the
time, he stay broke Flip be down on
1-0-9, rollin up smoke Shameek, he a
thief, catch a stunt in a stolen car He
that nigga that you call when you crash
and need new parts Say they love me
cause I rap now, but they don't like me
I been locked up three times and they
ain't write Stevie a punk, but fu*kwhat
he say, he can get mean quick Pop shots
at you, He said i suck a mean dick The
block's hot, D's jump out on us almost
all the time They watch us from the
buildin but niggaz still be on the grind
Wayne used to call the cops and tell
them G had a 9 'Til G put that gun under
that seat and said it wasn't mine
(Chorus) Letra I'm So Hood Lyrics
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