Click & Park - Fabolous

Letra de Click & Park, canción donde Fabolous interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm ghetto fabolous. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Fabolous no te pierdas este single llamado Click & Park, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Click & Park - Fabolous

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Fabolous canta la cancion Click & Park dentro de su album ghetto fabolous, os dejamos con la letra de Click & Park para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album ghetto fabolous y de Fabolous.

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(D.J Clue + Fabolous) D.J Clue, Desert
Storm You know how we do things (uh)
Right now (uh), whachu bout to hear (uh,
yea) whachu bout to witness (Fab) F A B
O L O U S (Clue) (O L O U S!) (Clue)
Come on, my man Fabolous (uh, yea, uh)
the album, Ghetto Fabolous (come on, uh,
yo) Come on man!! (Fabolous) My gun go
click and spark Don't leave witnesses to
point me out on 106 and Park Son those
slick remarks, gon' get you Bla-bla da
da,bla-bla da da da da (blaow!) Ya walk
through my p's and karats Wind up hook
on machines, livin' like peas and
carrots Ya team wanna beef, thats when I
screw the muzzle on the tip And strap
the beam underneath When I ride through,
ya dont see no lid I put snipers on the
roof like Nino did All it takes is some
c-note slid To have you on the news
askin if anyone seen yo' kid I dont
scream it in a rough tone I got spots in
the whip to stuff crome, that would of
help Puff Combs Every hustler on this
planet (?) Givin' away twenties so big,
they in sandwhich bags, nigga uh, yea F
A B, O L O U S yea, fo real, uh, yo, uh
(Verse 2) These niggaz gots to be
punched Act stupid, get shells in ya
stomache, like you ate pasta for lunch
If I let this diablo door raid I'ma have
the front of ya crib lookin like Diallos
doorway See I know all yays, we buy ours
pure-yay We waitin on boats, these guys
go Broadway Ya gon make me tie a bomb
under ya Benz See how much you talk wit
firearms under ya chin No you cant take
the coupe wit ditches Cause when I hit
the highway, it always makes the croup
suspicous Please, I get my dollar from
the hersey I'm on that fly gangsta shit,
I pop the collar on my jersey You know I
got the heat the way the Vanson is
bendin Same laid back flow, no dancin'
or grinin' Who else can it be spellin it
at them You have them tappin they friend
like "I'm tellin you that's him", stupid
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