Real Life - Ebony Eyez

Letra de Real Life, canción donde Ebony Eyez interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm 7 Day Cycle. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Ebony Eyez no te pierdas este single llamado Real Life, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Real Life - Ebony Eyez

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Ebony Eyez canta la cancion Real Life dentro de su album 7 Day Cycle, os dejamos con la letra de Real Life para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album 7 Day Cycle y de Ebony Eyez.

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Artist: Ebony Eyez Album: 7 Day Cycle
Title: Real Life feat. J-Kwon, Tarboy
(Trackboyz) (Ebony Eyez Talking)
Ayo...Tar... you ready? (Tarboy from
Trackboys Talking) Yeah..uh (Ebony Eyez)
Let's Do This.. (Chorus - Tarboy)
Look..uh.. Money ain't never move me...
Dawg, this ain't a movie This is real
life, so why you tryin' to do me? Sit
back and relax and think about the past
And make your next move your best, it
might be your last (Chorus - Ebony Eyez)
Look.. Money ain't never move me.. Bitch
this ain't a movie This is real life, so
why you tryin' to do me? Sit back and
relax and think about the past And make
your next move your best, it might be
your last (Verse 1: Tarboy) Look...
Money don't make the man but still, I
understand if you ain't gettin' dough,
what the fu*kyou in this for? I see you
chasin hoes, and all your fancy clothes
you say you hate the music, then why you
at the show? What all that yappin' mean?
how the fu*kthat fit the plan? where the
fu*kyou from homeboy? you ain't from my
land I see you in the club, in the
corner mean-mugged with all your little
thugs, go pop a bottle of bub and think
about it first and drink away your
problems before a nigga out here on the
streets help you solve them see, I ain't
mad at ya I'm just tryin' to relax you
and teach you somethin' homie, before
them killers snatch you I try to keep it
thorough Keith done been around the
world and never understood how a man
could act like a girl but see I'm just a
squirrel and this is your world and I
wish you the best so get it off your
chest (Chorus - Tarboy) (Chorus - Ebony
Eyez) (Verse 2 - Ebony Eyez) Louie, done
made my purse well, he ain't write this
verse some people put they money first,
and don't care who they hurt always
talkin' bout how they: finna do this and
finna do that finna get that new benz
and finna buy they girl a cadillac I try
to mind my business, they strike at me
with a vengence don't know I'm young and
visicious and know how to throw them
fist-es say I dont keep it real, (what?)
say I ain't got the skill (we) mad cause
I got a deal, give a fu*kbout how you
feel I represent the streets and that's
the way you gotta be and when my album
drop, some people gon' be mad at me
bitches don't wanna listen, don't wanna
play position ain't got a pot to piss
in, but they call they self dissin' your
next move should always be your best
move never follow what the rest do, and
they'll respect you Cause money come and
go, don't front like you don't know and
when it's all spend up and gone, you
ain't got shit to show (Chorus - Tarboy)
(Chorus - Ebony Eyez) (Verse 3: J-Kwon)
Now my baby mama hate the fact, now that
I'm gettin' scratch so she go and react,
hold up man, matter of a fact now that
I'm thinkin' back, when I ain't had no
scratch no ice, or no 'lac, hold up Kwon
rewind it back now was you gon' react?
that's when I hate the fact, I laid her
on her back (hold up man, don't say
that) nah, let me spit the facts y'all
know I love my son, but she only care
about if he got some air force ones Now
ain't that shit dumb? Now where we both
come from Like all your life, you grew
up running around spending funds We was
broke as Hammer, t-shirts for pajamas
Cribs small as llamas, eating corn
flakes and bananas Now it's vests and
Hummers, we fucked the whole summer The
only reason, cause your man be tryin to
take me under So now I sit and wonder,
like I ain't got no clue And yes it's
true, that the money might have moved
you (Chorus - Tarboy) (Chorus - Ebony
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