Ruthless Villian (featuring M.C. Ren) - Eazy-E

Letra de Ruthless Villian (featuring M.C. Ren), canción donde Eazy-E interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Eazy Duz It. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Eazy-E no te pierdas este single llamado Ruthless Villian (featuring M.C. Ren), no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Ruthless Villian (featuring M.C. Ren) - Eazy-E

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Eazy-E canta la cancion Ruthless Villian (featuring M.C. Ren) dentro de su album Eazy Duz It, os dejamos con la letra de Ruthless Villian (featuring M.C. Ren) para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Eazy Duz It y de Eazy-E.

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MC-Ren : "Yo Dre, how much time we got
left on ths tape?" Dre : "About a couple
of minutes." MC-Ren : "Well let me bust
a freestyle then." Dre : "Awright, go
ahead." (MC-Ren) Ruthless gangsta,
definition villain, Leave your shit
unlocked and he's stealin', So call tha
police cause that's all you could do
but, He'll get away without leavin' a
clue. Dre : "Wait a minute, wait a
minute, cut this shit. Eh yo Yella boy
why don't you rewind it.Hey man you
gotta get more hyped up tonight!" MC-Ren
: "Damn, why don't you pump this shit up
so it could fu*kup my eardrums a little
bit!" Dre : "Allright bet." (MC-Ren)
Ruthless gangsta, definition villain,
Leave your shit unlocked and he's
stealin', So call tha police cause
that's all you could do but, He'll get
away without leavin' a clue. Keepin'
shit in control like the neighboorhood
chief but, Referred to as a walking
thief, They say he's a bad influence for
the kids on the block, Why the fu*kthey
blamin' him, He's the one that they
jock. Keepin' niggaz in line, Whoever
fucks with his rhyme, And before you
fu*kwith him, You gotta fu*kwith his
nine. Not scared to pull the trigger on
a punk ass nigga, (A nigga)He could
whoop his ass cause he's bigger. Size
don't mean shit, He's from the old
school fool, He's a villain from the
streets, And he's supposed to rule, Not
sayin' he's in shit, But he's down for
mine, He was put on the streets to keep
niggaz in line. Never givin' a fuck,
(huh?) Because I know that he's a nigga
that you want to be. He can't help it
he's in shit, But he don't hold shit
back, He's a gangsta in black, And he's
about to attack. (Eazy-E) Cause I'm a
ruthless villain, Cold tearin' shit up,
Don't come on my face, Pumpin' no kind
of junk, Eazy-E's in control, And if you
press your luck, I'll smoke you like
that, And won't give a fuck. "Nickname
Eazy-E...Ol' 8-Ball junkie!" (MC-Ren)
Ruthless gangsta, definition villain,
You can lock up yo' shit, He's Still
Stealin', Gettin' respect, Cause the boy
kicks butt, But the real meaning is, He
don't give a fuck, It's Eazy-E in the
crowd, But he's not in the 4, I tell his
money flow, As he collects from his ho',
All expenses paid, For the rhymes that
he made, Got the trophys in the house,
For the girls that he laid. Not a wimp
he's a pimp, Now of course he's the
boss, So keep your bitch out his face,
Or else she's gonna get tossed. The hard
to be fucked with, The boy got heart,
Wanna fu*kwith him, He'll Rip your head
apart. Gangsta Gangsta, That's what they
yellin' But him with his gangsta stroll,
He keeps bailin'. Wherever he goes,
There's no discussion but silence. They
say that he's the one, Promotin' gang
violence, That's a lie just a critic,
All that whack bullshit, So let me tell
you motherfuckers, Who you fuckin' with,
(Eazy-E) Cause I'm a ruthless villain
Cold tearin' shit up Don't come on my
face Pumpin' no kind of junk Eazy-E's in
control And if you press your luck I'll
smoke you like that And won't give a
fuck Eazy-E : "Yo Ren?" MC-Ren : "What's
up?" Eazy-E : "Let's get the fu*koutta
here!" Letra Ruthless Villian (featuring
M.C. Ren) Lyrics Insertada: Anonimo
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