Yay Area - E-40

Letra de Yay Area, canción donde E-40 interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm My Ghetto Report Card. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de E-40 no te pierdas este single llamado Yay Area, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Yay Area - E-40

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E-40 canta la cancion Yay Area dentro de su album My Ghetto Report Card, os dejamos con la letra de Yay Area para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album My Ghetto Report Card y de E-40.

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Heavyweight, a vet
not an amateur
(What else?) Looted
up, I pushed pies
like moon calendar
(What you gonna
do?) Shoot it up if
I must, take over
shop Get out the
car and walk, sneak
up on partner and
do a dome-shot
Ka-pow, ka-pow,
ka-pow, ka-pow,
oooh Then I blend
into the crowd ...
Hang with a bunch
of hotheads, super
hyphy and wild Tell
your batch to stop
asking about a
player Get quiet
about a player, can
t fu*kher right now,
later I m busy
getting my paper
and riding around
in my scraper
networking and
campaigning like
Schwarzenegger Like
McCormick s, I m
seasoned, I run my
reason (You run
your reason) Y all
think I m starving,
hell naw nigga, I m
eating (We eating)
They barking like
Dino, lying and
cheating Keep
jacking my lingo,
one of these
rappers gone end up
leaking (Hook) x4
Yay Area!! Like
that, tell the
people that 40
Water is back
(Verse 2) We be to
rap, what key be to
lock (Key be to
lock) Cut a quarter
or two and bend the
block (Bend the
block) The West
aint been the same
without Pac So I,
guess it s up to
E-40 and Rick Rock,
oooh ...
Stunting... You
hear 40 new shit,
he on there coming
You hear 40 new
shit, he on there
dumping Be all the
woman talk about,
that nigga
something, oooh
(Where you born
at?) Born and
raised in the Yay
(Uh huh) Got some
folks in
Skeleton Bay ...
Kilo grams I had to
measure, finger on
my heckler Having
more paper... than
a paper shredder,
oooh Tycoon till I
fall (Till I
fall)... I don t
sound like none of
y all (none of y
all) You getting
independent scratch
(Uh huh)... Just
remember the nigga
that taught you
that (Hook) x4 Yay
Area!! Like that,
tell the people
that 40 Water is
back (Verse 3)
Oooh, (Who you
loyal to?) Loyal to
my soil Never leave
the pound without
my blessing oil (Uh
huh) Cuz I surround
myself with felons
(What they do?) Pop
inner-tubes and
bust melons, oooh
... Hustlers... On
the look-out for
On the look-out for
the fools The
racket-busters mean
them people, them
folks, them
undercovers Never
tell a batch what
you up to (What she
might do?) Cuz one
day she might tell
on you (And what
else?) And you ll
be sitting in the
can (While she
what?) While she
fucking on your
friends (Uh huh)
Spending all your
yaper (What else
pimp?) Riding round
in your scraper
(What she giving?)
... Giving brains
(Uh huh), all the
hood homies run the
choo-choo train
(Hook) x4 Yay
Area!! Like that,
tell the people
that 40 Water is
back Letra Yay Area
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