Doin' Dirt Bad - E-40

Letra de Doin' Dirt Bad, canción donde E-40 interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm The Element of Surprise. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de E-40 no te pierdas este single llamado Doin' Dirt Bad, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Doin' Dirt Bad - E-40

Escuchar E-40 Doin' Dirt Bad Lyric Video.

E-40 canta la cancion Doin' Dirt Bad dentro de su album The Element of Surprise, os dejamos con la letra de Doin' Dirt Bad para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album The Element of Surprise y de E-40.

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This shit ain't went no where.
(Trademark) You understand me?? (Uh!)
It's like, when a muthafucka do his
dirt, it don't be no ordinary dirt, you
understand me?? A nigga do dirt bad.
Check it out. (E-40) I took a, I took a,
whole thang of ice cream, a kilogram of
birdie a unit, put the wammy on it,
stepped on it, wit out ruinin it, or
abusin it, like a muthafucka would
supposed to when there's a shortage on
sumpthin, (on sumpthin), that way I
could get em off like hot cakes, an you
know there's plenty more where that
comes from, you see I know this one
storage place that this one particular
ball-ah, sneekin an keepin his job-ah,
for you tardy unaware troopers now
hoppin in the game truant ass niggas,
biatch!! biatch!! yadda means powder
yola, yola, ice cream candy, man that
shit be comin in handy, but anyway, dude
hella bootsy an he was juss askin to get
robbed, that's why me an my side went
ahead an pulled one of them 'ol inside
jobs, on his 'ol, move the show room,
show me more Willie Fu-Fu put the red on
his, put two on the ten, all protected
an tryin to impress a bitch, don't you
know I'm all off pullin licks on busta
brown ass zarks like you, scopin an
casin 2-11's an holdin patience
(B-Legit) I huddle wit the dogs up on
defense day, Lieutenants get the kicks,
backwoods of the Yay, soldiers leave the
place, so the cream I keep, six or seven
g's everytime I beep, hit the streets
like I can't, plot fo the bank, fu*kwit
a boss, cuz a pit got rank, make yo body
stank, leave you lost in the woods, a
nigga from the hood, up to no damn good,
we ridin Fleetwood, hit 'em dummied out,
walk a clerk to the safe, an get the
money out, I'm on a money route, and all
cash I claim a nigga deep in this
muthafuckin game. Chorus- *(E-40 &
B-Legit)* 187, 211, 1-2-0-2-2's, We
doin' dirt, we doin' dirt bad, 457,
6-4-7-11, 3-5-0, we doin' dirt, niggaz
doin' dirt bad, we doin' dirt, we doin'
dirt bad, we doin' dirt, niggaz doin'
dirt bad, we doin' dirt, we doin' dirt
bad, we doin' dirt. (E-40) B-Legit from
what I understand, his bark was stronger
than his bite (beeeeee-yaaaaatch!!!)
nigga was sellin mo wolf tickets than a
sold out Lennox Lewis an Evander
Holyfield fight, shit we ain't no strong
or soft niggaz, we savage damn it, like
who?? like the crocodile hunter, that
crazy ass muthafucka named Steve, who
caught me doin' dirt, cuz I'm dirt
cheap, an I like to do most of my dirt
when most of y'all be asleep down an
dirty, 'specialy when I'm doin' dirt
bad, kick in the do', run up in yo baby
mama's pad. (B-Legit) I been it down
from day uno, baby bottle full of pruno,
knew I was the shit named B-Legit, had a
thang fo bakin soda, an high info,
couldn't wait to put the Vogues on the
7-8 brougham, I'm on a telephone, my
communicator, on the track wit the team,
gettin hella paper, fu*ka playa hata,
see he cheats to win an me, I be the
B-Soft Gin, cuz I'm familiar wit it, got
the taste of blood, so dirty when I'm
wet that I turn to mud, I smoke purple
bud, an make a hit hurt bad, ain't no
tellin when a nigga doin' dirt bad.
*(chorus)* 40-50, 45, 4-7-0, we doin'
dirt, we doin' dirt bad, 457, 6-4-7-11's
3-5-0, we doin' dirt, uh, niggaz doin'
dirt bad, we doin' dirt, we doin' dirt
bad, we doin' dirt, niggaz doin' dirt
bad, we doin' dirt, we doin' dirt bad,
niggaz doin' dirt, we doin' dirt bad.
BIATCH!! (B-Legit) We doin' dirt bad, me
and Charlie Hustle, niggaz push up on us
cuz now we got the muscle, got they yay
sold up an you gonna have to see us,
either that or get hit, wit the
millimeters, keep my burners on, ain't
no peace out here, a good place to lose
yo whole fuckin career, so keep yo thang
near, an don't cross game, until the
list have your own fuckin name. (E-40)
Them badgers, Them bitches, them
batches, the got my faulty tapped, but
the po-po's hate it, cuz I be talkin in
code, street slang, so they can't
interpretate it, an the only way that
they gonna be able to interpretate it is
if they go out and get a reliable
source, which is a snitch,
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