Da Bumble - E-40

Letra de Da Bumble, canción donde E-40 interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm In a Major Way. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de E-40 no te pierdas este single llamado Da Bumble, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Da Bumble - E-40

Escuchar E-40 Da Bumble Lyric Video.

E-40 canta la cancion Da Bumble dentro de su album In a Major Way, os dejamos con la letra de Da Bumble para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album In a Major Way y de E-40.

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I flipped a Lexi speed up and catch
me?Lexus of Concord, reached out and
touched me?Some of you hoe fake ass
niggas like Roz, be messy?I know some
beautiful black intelligent women,
they're se*y?E-40's back n' actin' black
n'?I don't be barkin, nor even high
cappin?You betta watch me, I'm comin
smebbin?Ninety-five, ninety-six,
ninety-seven?Bet your persodian, 30R6
custodian?Special shout to casual del
the souls and opium?About the town, the
Valley-Jo?Just like a democratic, i'm
for' the poooor'?Fuck the bumble, new
Click shit ain't no punk hoe?Pedestrian
stumble sound like a gorilla tryin to
get up out the trunk hoe?Continue
strikin it, hope ya' likin' it?Filthy
McNasties at the bus stop hitch hikin
it?Every egg that i pull in bulges?When
it comes to spittin i'm ferocious?Manish
wid' it, cabbages, savages?Hangin out
the window all of a sudden loose ham
samiches?All day, everyday, 40 play, he
say?She say, bieetch! Put
that-a-way?Keep it goin though don't
stop?Shakin baking soda, forms a
rock?thirty six zips on a triple beam
scale?Burn the duct tape keep, all the
ya-yo?Rip a peel, opium extra crisp,
really real?Apron, Specialist?drisi
drisomina zep on a zaggin?Thinkin' I'm
quick cuz' watchers You know i'm
pizzackin ?In the mornin, cookin
bacon?Up in the ghetto with the
bullet-proof apron?Here comes the laws,
battle em', crashin through my walls?Im
in my draws runnin from the canine
cocaine-sniffing dogs?Some niggaz hate
me, some niggaz love me?Some niggaz
shake my paw, some niggaz mug me?I see
ya tweakin', i see ya geekin'?Ya bootch
is with me, while ya sleepin?A
motherfucka ain't gotta be flash gordon
all up in front of a batch to get a
batch that "Hector the Hoe Protecta"
shit wont work that batch just wants
your scrizzach?Lettin em know,
portfolio, zodiac sign scorpio?See the
breeze soldier, v-a-l-l-e-j-o?Neva show
a witness to ya enemy?Neva leave your
crib wid' out yo' paper, beeotch!?I'm
tryin to get nigga rich?Open up a shop
cotton candy and licorice?Cashes,
stashes, that's a must?We make another
million and that's a plus?Don't get it
twisted man, don't try to find me?Might
be in Switzerland or Hawaii?1-2-3-40,
wheels, new shoes, scrappin' toe to
toe?Craps, Black Jack and Keno, strike
sideways hit Reno?Ball cap tight, no
smilin'?Sittin' low somethin' profilin',
beeitch!?Fuck the bumble, new Click shit
ain't now punk hoe,?NEW CLICK SHIT AIN'T
NO PUNK HOE (blah blah blah) Letra Da
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