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Letra de U With Me?, canción donde Drake interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Views. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Drake no te pierdas este single llamado U With Me?, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra U With Me? - Drake

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Drake canta la cancion U With Me? dentro de su album Views, os dejamos con la letra de U With Me? para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Views y de Drake.

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(DMX:) What these bitches want from a
nigga? On some DMX shit I group DM my
exes I told 'em they belong to me, that
goes on for forever And I think we just
get closer when we're not together You
tell me that I'm confusin' More immature
than Marques Houston Cuts too deep for a
band-aid solution We too deep in this
thing to never lose me LOLOL I'm glad
you find this shit amusin' Heard a lot
about me 'fore we started off I know you
heard that my pool parties like Mardi
Gras I know you heard that my girl is
sponsored by Audemars That's why she's
always correctin' me when my time is off
And my house is the definition Of
alcohol and weed addiction You got a
different vision You wanna walk around
naked in the kitchen Without runnin'
into one of my niggas That's not the way
we livin' Too much goin' on, it's just
not realistic These days I don't talk
'bout them days like I miss 'em And you
shouldn't miss 'em either, we different
people But every time we speakin' (It's
like a lot of games bein' played How's
it goin' down? If it's on 'til we gone
then I gots to know now Is you wit' me
or what? Yeah) x2 I wanna know how much
time you spent on them paragraphs Where
you're getting me All that grey in our
conversation history, you Playin' mind
games, when you sayin' things Playin'
mind games, we both doin' the same thing
Slide on a late night You like to slide
on a late night You send the "are you
here?" text without an invite That's
that shit that I don't like We both
slide on a late night Do things in our
off time We both, yeah Made some
mistakes, pon road Yeah, how's that for
real? You toyin' with it like Happy Meal
3 dots, you thinkin' of a reaction still
While you're typin' make sure to tell me
(It's like a lot of games bein' played
How's it goin' down? If it's on 'til we
gone then I gots to know now Is you wit'
me or what? Yeah) x2 Remember you was
livin' at the London for a month Service
elevator up to 4201 We was still a
secret, couldn't come in through the
front Girl I had your back when all you
used to do was front That's for sure
though, I made a career of reminiscin'
Time got a funny way of tickin', things
are so much different I'll admit it,
I've admitted to a lot of things Act
like you know it, fu*kthem stories,
fu*kthe shade that they be throwin'
Understand I got responsibilities to
people that I need And on my way to make
this dough A lot of niggas cut the
cheque so they can take this flow A lot
of niggas cut the cheque so they can
take this flow Tryna give your ass the
world You runnin' your fingers through
my curls You knew me when the kid had
waves But that's enough of that You
could never say I came up and forgot
about your ass And that's some real shit
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