Blow My Buzz - D-12

Letra de Blow My Buzz, canción donde D-12 interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Devils Nigth. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de D-12 no te pierdas este single llamado Blow My Buzz, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Blow My Buzz - D-12

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D-12 canta la cancion Blow My Buzz dentro de su album Devils Nigth, os dejamos con la letra de Blow My Buzz para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Devils Nigth y de D-12.

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(Swifty McVay) Hmm, yeah This just one
of them days when yo' ass just wanna
chill out and motherfuckers be all in
yo' ear and shit, yknowhatI'msayin? Or
that naggin bitch, that just like to
hear herself talk blowin all yo' high
away Now that's some fucked up shit, heh
but it happens, yknowhatI'msayin? Yo
(Eminem) Yo yo yo yo Schizophrenia, how
many of ya got it? How many
motherfuckers can say they psychotic?
How many motherfuckers can say they
brain dry-rotted from pot? You got it
like I got it or not? If you did, you
would know just what I'm talkin bout
When your tongue's rottin out from
cotton-mouth When you end up becomin so
dependent on weed that you end up
spendin a G in the vendin machine You
got the munchies, look at you, junk food
junkie Potato chips and lunch meat, up
in the front seat Sometimes you can get
so paranoid from ganja that's it gotcha
thinkin the whole world is watchin ya Or
maybe you don't smoke, maybe you just
roll But whatever your drug's yo, go for
the gusto Just don't, come fu*kwith me
when I'm doin my drugs You see me in the
club don't come fuckin my high up and
(Chorus: D-12) Blow, my, buzz You want
to want to just don't blow, my, buzz (Do
what you want to) And I'm gon' sit here
and just roll, my, drugs (Smoke my
weeeeed) And if you talk I'm gonna fuck,
you, up (I might just whoop yo' ass)
Just don't say shit and we'll be cool
(Bizarre) (ding dong) Bitch let me in
the house (Avon?) No, I just came to eat
your mother out It's the big guy, doin a
butterfly to the ground (go 'head!)
(Eminem) Bizarre sit yo' nasty ass down
(Bizarre) I spot this fat bitch from
across the room Now suck my dick while
your boyfriend's in the bathroom (yea
yea!) My face is pink, lookin for a sink
And don't worry bout what I put in your
drink It's called a date-rape drug, ten
minutes you'll be fucked up Open your
nasty-ass legs up (yeah you whore)
Bitches I'm catchin, blunts I'm matchin
Don't call me Bizarre, I'm the Reverand
Jesse Jackson (Swifty McVay) Who the
fu*kis this guy, why the hell you in my
presence? It'd be cool if you was askin
me some reasonable questions But you on
some bullshit nigga, this yo' last beer
(f'real) Get the fu*koff my dick and
tell yo' bitch to bring here ass here I
kick a hoe out without givin her cabfare
And leave her barefooted just for naggin
in my damn ear When I'm out eatin, you
fags'll interfere They don't go until I
let 'em know a mag' is sittin here I get
drunk and I smoke weed, whatcho' ass
wanna hear? I didn't answer you clear, I
met Manson this year okay? You want some
yea? I'll front yo' ass a play But other
than that, get the hell out my face
Because you niggaz tryin to (Chorus w/
variations) (Kun) Yo Denaun you seem
shook (Kon) I really am dawg look This
fat bitch keep chasin me tryin to give
me the nook (Kun) Aww man you probably
lead her on (Kon) I just bought her a
beer! (Kun) I saw her rubbin on your
head while she was wipin your tears
(Kon) I admit, I was high, but you ain't
seen me cryin (Kun) Nigga you lyin, and
you blowin my high, just stop denyin it
(Kon) Well at least somebody in this bar
is, this big bitch did the ultimate by
sayin she wanted to have my kids (Kun)
Look man you grown, just leave me alone,
I'm in the zone Call it a night, get
stoned, and take that fat slut home Just
drink the drink, hit the dank, do some
drugs Go kill yourself (Kon) Fuck you!
(Kun) Well stop blowin my buzz! (Proof)
I'm at the front of the bar by the
lounge in the back with a slut on my arm
while I'm downin the 'gnac Got the pills
in my system, floatin around Everytime I
start driftin, someone open they mouth
Yo my ear been spit licked and
freestyled in I think I'm goin def like
old senile men Only one good demo out of
three thousand (Yo I ain't wanna rap for
you anyway, so keep talkin) Next nigga
that bump me, I'ma do the Humpty and
elbow bitches, 'til everybody jump me
(Yo man whassup wit you man why you keep
bumpin me and shit) Whassup fool? Fuck
you punk! (Motherfucker, the fuck? It's
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