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Letra de Southside lyrics (feat. Kanye West), canción donde Common interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Finding Forever. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Common no te pierdas este single llamado Southside lyrics (feat. Kanye West), no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Southside lyrics (feat. Kanye West) - Common

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(feat. Kanye West) La, la, la, la, la -
and everybody say La, la, la, la, la - I
know you, I know you... I know you're
thinking, thinking that it must be
Armorall flow 'cause it never get rusty
I ain't gotta say it, man dawg trust me
Bust somebody head, G.L.C. where was we?
Still rock the Prada 'fore that, rock
the Starter Niggas had the Georgetown,
the Magic way harder Thinking back to
the projects, and they way they tore 'em
all up Like when I do a project, and
come back and tear the mall up (Chorus)
We coming from the.. South (side), South
(side) South (side), South (side) South
(side), South (side) South (side), Side
of the Chi The broads, the cars, the
half moon, the stars I'm like Jeff Fort
the way I get behind bars Burn CD's with
no regard for the stars Come to the crib
with conflict diamonds and they ours
Back in '94 they call me Chi-town's Nas
Now them niggas know I'm one of
Chi-town's gods We eatin' jo, you still
talking no carbs A conscious nigga with
mac like Steven Jobs (Chorus) Your fly
is open, McFly The crowd is open I think
I know why I'm back from the future seen
it with my own eyes And yep, I'm still
the future of the Chi Back in college I
had to get my back up off the futon I
knew that I couldn't cop a coup with no
coupons Look at that neutron on his
green like crutons People asking him,
"Do you have any grey poupon?" (Chorus)
You in the building but the buildings
falling You wouldn't be ballin' if your
name was Spalding My mind get flooded I
think about New Orleans Back in school,
you all niggas you should call in August
I'm the sun that goes down but I'm still
revolving Southside walk it out, while
still you're crawlin' If rap was Harlem,
I be James Baldwin With money in the
bank like G. Rap, we're calling (Chorus)
With niggas masked up like Phantom of
the Opera Dreaming of the day they push
a phantom to the operas Can't wait till
they say, "Yeah, ran up at the Oscars."
Poppa, I heard his life is like a movie
Like when Em' played him and Mekhi
played a rasta Mexicans don't love it
like it was for La Raza But this is for
the mobsters, Holla We some true
chi-town legends, accept no imposters
(Chorus) Uh, the un-American idol, tower
like the Eiffel Lean wit it, rock wit
it, Black like the Disciples Know when
to use a bible, and when to use a rifle
You rap like you should be on the back
of a motorcycle Caught a case of
robbery, and 'Beat It' like Michael Your
career is a typo, mine was written like
a haiku I write to 'Do the Right Thing'
like Spike do through Conflicts that's
Crucial and Drama that's Psycho (Chorus)
La, la, la, la, la, la, la-la La, la,
la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la,
la La, la, la, la, la, la, la We're
coming from the...Hey! (scratches:)..
spice it up (la, la , la..) Ya might
have to spice it up Spice it up, spice
it up, Take your life and... Yo, we're
coming from the...Hey! We're coming from
the...Hey! ...and this concludes our
Chicago show Please stay tuned Letra
Southside lyrics (feat. Kanye West)
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