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Letra Chi-City lyrics - Common

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(Chorus) (Common sample) And you say Chi
city We don't stop naw we don't quit
(Repeat 4X) (Common) I rap with the
passion of Christ, @#%$ cross me Took it
outta space and @#%$ thought they lost
me I'm back like a chiropract wit b-boy
survival rap This ain't '94 Joe we can't
go back The game need a makeover My man
retired, I'ma take over Tell these
halftime @#%$ break's over I'm raw
hustlas getcha bakin' soda Too many rape
the culture Leave rappers with careers
and their faith over It's a war goin' on
you can't fake bein' a soldier In the
basement listenin' to tapes of
Ultramagnetic to the fact the Messiah's
black I turn the TV down we could take
it higher than that I wonder if these
wack @#%$ realize they wack And they the
reason my people say they tired of rap
Inspired by black Muslims and Christian
Pushin' Cutlasses, dope, and other
traditions In the conditions of the
city, the city, the city, the city, the
city, the city, c'mon (Chorus) A black
figure, in the middle of chaos and gun
fire So many raps about rims, I'm
surprised @#%$ ain't become tires On the
street you turn code and then go screech
I tell em @#%$ em, like I do the police
The beast in runnin' rampant I'm in
between sheets tryna have se* that's
tantric But the getto, tryna make a get
up stand up anthem You spit hot garbage
son of Sanford What you rappin' for to
get fame or get rich I slap a @#%$ like
you And tell him Rick James bitch Witcha
Hollywood stories on porches We poli
hood stories on who became rich And
whatever light they hit, we wanna hit
the same switch You didn't know where to
aim it, you still remain bitch I'm
forever puttin' words together Some'll
sever mothers from daughters and fathers
from sons The name Com has never been
involved in Run Unless it's DMC or
runnin' these broads to bein' free I'm
hotta than the times, you hardly scary
Holdin' gats inside, you cats is Halle
Berry They ask me where hip hop is
goin', a Chicagoan Poetry's in motion
like a picture now showin' It's the
city, the city y'all, the city, the city
y'all C'mon (Chorus) Letra Chi-City
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