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Letra Game of Thrones: The Musical - Coldplay

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(Version of the Game
of Thrones opening)
(Chris Martin, to
the tune of the GoT
opening) j& There
are Starks and
there are
Lannisters j& j& and
Kardashians in the
-- j& (Will
Champion) Whoa!
It's "Targaryens."
Do it again. (Chris
Martin) j& -- and
Targaryens, and of
course there's some
unknowns j& j&
Welcome to the
crazy, wacky world
of Game of Thrones.
j& (Will Champion) -
Nice, I like it.
(Will Champion) -
Thanks man, cool.
(Liam Neeson
narration) In an
exclusive Red Nose
Day revelation,
we've discovered
that the British
band are secretly
working on a
musical of TV
sensation, Game of
Thrones. (Chris
Martin) This is the
best idea we've
ever had. (guitar
and vocals) j& Bom,
bom, bom, bada
tippidom.j& (Chris
Martin speaks while
music continues in
background) It's
just been the most
amazing creative
outpouring. (Will
Champion) Trust me
j& Bom, bom, bom,
baba babadom j&
Wait, wait, how
many pappadums?
They're babadoms.
(Narration) The
band had been
long-time fans of
the show. Bearded
drummer Will
Champion actually
took time off at
one point to act in
the famous Red
Wedding episode.
(Footage of "The
Rains of Castamere"
with an arrow
pointing at Will
Champion, while a
bell dinging)
They've gathered in
the Henson
recording studio in
Los Angeles to work
up the 16 songs
required for a full
Broadway stage
(keyboard) - Nice!
Have you got any
lyrics? - Yeah. j&
Around the world my
heart had to roam j&
(Mark Addy) Well,
when I first heard
about it I was a
little bit
sceptical, but now
I'm completely
convinced: it's a
horrible idea. j&
Closer to ho-o-ome
j& (Diana Rigg) It's
the worst idea I've
ever heard. j& A
family tree ... j&
(music continues as
female voiceover
begins) (Emilia
Clarke) One word
that springs to
mind when I'm
thinking about this
project is
"Titanic." But not
in terms of the
successful movie,
in terms of the
unsuccessful boat.
j& Closer to home j&
(band plays) (piano
music,) Cut to: RAK
Studios, London
Finally, after
months of writing
and planning, Chris
has invited along
the entire cast of
Game of Thrones, to
recruit them into
the live Broadway
show. (Chris
Martin) Fellows,
how ya doin'?
(Chris Martin) I
had a moment of
inspiration, it was
a flash of genius
-- get the whole
cast to come in.
Everyone thought it
was a brilliant
idea, so that's
what's happening.
It's a big day, big
day for us.
(Narrator) All the
actors are
gathering to hear
the songs performed
for the first time.
(Camera pans, the
chairs are
empty...) Well, not
all of them. (...
outside of Ewan
Rewon and Mark
Addy.) More ...
two. (Mark Addy) I
was told Sean Bean
was gonna be here.
He owes me a fiver.
(Ewan Rewon) Well,
no, I don't think
it is quite as many
as the band would
have hoped, but ...
still a very
exciting day!
(Chris Martin) This
is called
Targaryen." (reggae
music) j&
Yi-yi-yi-yi j& j&
Targaryen j& j& I got
some dragons and
they're pretty
scary-in j&
(interviewer) So
Chris, how you
think it's going?
(Chris Martin)
Stunning. Stunning.
People are
literally stunned.
(interviewer) And
what if some of
them can't sing?
(Chris Martin)
Well, the funny
thing is, they can
sing. (Cut to the
band playing while
Ewan and Mark sing
along) j& Bom, bom,
bom baba j& (Chris
......Snappy! Come
on. No, no, sorry,
sorry. (band
member) I'm sure
he'll come back.
With these things
it's always step by
step. Um, 50
percent of the cast
seem really into
it, so, um ... I
think we're onto
something really
special. (piano)
(narrator) It's
been a slightly
disappointing day.
But then ... (Kit
Harington) Hey
Chris. I'm sorry
I'm late. (Chris
Martin) Oh my god.
Jon Snow. I knew
you'd come. (Kit
Harington) I'd
never let you down,
man. (Chris Martin)
Thank you, Jon
Snow. (Kit
Harington) It's
Kit. (Chris Martin
whispers) Thank
you, Kit Snow. (Kit
Harington) Right.
What we got, man?
(music) (narrator)
It's day two of the
workshop, (music in
background) and
suddenly things
take a turn for the
better with a phone
call from Jon Snow,
and the offer of
free food,
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