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Letra Outside lyrics - Childish Gambino

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(Verse 1) I used to
dream every night,
now I never dream
at all Hopin' that
it's cause I'm
livin' everything I
want Used to wake
up in a bed between
my mom and aunt
Playing with this
Land Before Time
toy from Pizza Hut
My dad works nights
Putting on a stone
face He's saving up
so we can get our
own place In the
projects, man that
sounds fancy to me
They called me fat
nose, my mom say
you handsome to me
Mrs. Glover ma'am,
your son is so
advanced But he's
acting up in class
and keeps peeing in
his pants And I
just wanna fit in,
but nobody was
helping me out They
talking hood shit
and I ain't know
what that was about
Cause hood shit and
black shit is super
different So I'm
talking hood shit
and cool it now
like New Edition
Mom and dad
wouldn't listen
They left the Bronx
so I wouldn't be
that All their
friends in NY deal
crack It's weird,
you think that
they'd be proud of
'em But when you
leave the hood they
think that you look
down on 'em The
truth is we still
struggle on a
different plane 7
dollars an hour,
WIC vouchers, it's
all the same
Facebook messaging
hopin' that could
patch up shit But
all they get now
is, "Can your son
read this script?"
(Hook) There's a
world we can visit
if we go outside
Outside, outside We
can follow the road
There's a world we
can visit if we go
outside Outside,
outside No one
knows There's a
world we can visit
if we go outside
Outside, outside We
can follow the road
There's a world we
can visit if we go
outside Outside,
outside No one
knows (Verse 2)
Yeah Dad lost his
job Mama worked at
Mrs. Winner's Gun
pulled in her face
She still made
dinner  Donald
watch the meter So
they don t turn the
lights off" Workin'
two jobs so I can
get into that white
school And I hate
it there They all
make fun of my
clothes and wanna
touch my hair And
my uncle on that
stuff that got my
Grandma shook Drug
dealers roughed him
up and stole his
address book He s
supposed to pay  em
back He owe 'em
money but his bank
account is zero So
my momma made us
sleep with Phillips
heads under the
pillow Like that
would do somethin'
But she s got six
kids, she s gotta
do somethin' She
don t want me in a
lifestyle like my
cousin And he mad
cause his father
ain t around He
lookin at me now,
like "Why you so
fuckin lucky? I had
a father too But he
ain t around so
I'mma take it out
on you" We used to
say "I love you"
Now we only think
that shit It feels
weird that you re
the person I took
sink baths with
Street took you
over I want my
cousin back The
world sayin' what
you are because you
re young and black
Don t believe  em
You re still that
kid that kept the
older boys from
teasin' For some
reason (Hook)
(Outro) Can you
hear me now? Can
you hear me now?
Oh, help us Lord
Oh, baby baby baby
Letra Outside
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