Understand Me feat. Young Jeezy - Chief Keef

Letra de Understand Me feat. Young Jeezy, canción donde Chief Keef interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Finally Rich. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Chief Keef no te pierdas este single llamado Understand Me feat. Young Jeezy, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Understand Me feat. Young Jeezy - Chief Keef

Chief Keef canta la cancion Understand Me feat. Young Jeezy dentro de su album Finally Rich, os dejamos con la letra de Understand Me feat. Young Jeezy para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Finally Rich y de Chief Keef.

Sosa baby
bing! bing! bing!
(HOOK: Chief Keef)
That bitch say that
she don't
understand me.
(Fuck her) I be
flexing Now my
money come in handy
I gotta get this money Understand
me? 100 thous all
hundreds understand
me(understand me)
Understand me,
(understand me) I
gotta get this
money Understand me
(( understand me)
Understand me Bitch
my name is Sosa You
can call me Sammy
Verse 1 Chief Keef:
Everywhere I go I
spend a lot of cash
Spend them stacks,
spend them stacks
and get it back OTF
my niggas they
invented that (OTF)
Smoking on this
loud, call it the
stinky pack (dope)
Count so much money
that my fingers
cramp All my niggas
Wildin we don t
give a damn (loony)
Ask your main bitch
she know who I am
(Sosa Baby) Rob him
for his taxes if he
s a son of Sam Who
gives a fuck, we
don t care bout
nothin Fam! Got
money for a verse,
send it through
money gram I'mma drop the top when I
buy me a fast car
Kidnap this
fu*knigga for some
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ransom And if his
mouth moving, my
gun dance-ON I pull
up in that Porsche,
they like "Damn,
son!" All these
bitches on me, I
won t wife none I
have them bitches
runnin , when the
pipe come (Hook)
(Verse 2 Young
Jeezy) Fake ass
niggas that s a
shit I don t like
Kilogram flow, that
s the shit I dont
write All these
fucking games, that
s the shit I don t
play 2 door
Murcielago and its
smoke grey Keep
that 50 cal. that
bitch come in handy
It will open up a
nigga like some
candy (BOOM) In the
barrel, look like a
Cambell s soup can
Banana clips in the
closet like a fruit
stand (HAHA) Talkin
36 O s and im the
OG One time I sit
and watch a nigga
snort a whole key
Muzzle on the rock,
while it flash it
goes bang Spent a
hundred grand one
ring, no chain Got
em pitchin wild 100
s, keep it 300 Man
that head so good
bought her a 300
Understand me Nigga
Understand me
Understand me If
thuggin was a
catgory I'd win a
Grammy (Hook: Chief
Keef) Letra
Understand Me feat.
Young Jeezy Lyrics
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