Oh Well - Charles Hamilton

Letra de Oh Well, canción donde Charles Hamilton interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Hamilton, Charles. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Charles Hamilton no te pierdas este single llamado Oh Well, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Oh Well - Charles Hamilton

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Charles Hamilton canta la cancion Oh Well dentro de su album Hamilton, Charles, os dejamos con la letra de Oh Well para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Hamilton, Charles y de Charles Hamilton.

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(Intro) George, you copy Yeah what you
got I think I see something man, I don't
know what it is Alright hang on, making
my way over Hurry Copy that Alright help
me with this wreckage here You seeing
what I'm seeing? What is that? I don't
know, it's what I think it is Oh my god
That's it That's it That's gotta be it
We got it, Harlem we're coming
home,Harlem we have recovered the black
box Slow down, ease into it For the
record, it's Charles Hamilton Thanks
Eminem, this for you (Verse 1) They say
I can't rap about being dark no more,
they never say I can't rap 'bout being
Charles no more Getting doped up in
Baltimore, eating every rapper til they
aren't no more My story is glorious.
notoriously, a gory kid Still ain't got
no shorty in the crib Report to me Big
The afterlife's spokesperson My flow
works I'm so certain But I'm a
perfectionist with my wizardry I expect
to get a wet kiss from history I just
can't represent it, (?) it I guess I'll
be depressed for a minute Sipping on a
mystic, going ballistic I am no bitch on
some Madonna chauvinist pig shit Hold it
while you listen, your joy is my pain
Medicate me, your boy is insane,
poisonous rain (Hook) Ah fu*kit oh well,
everything's crossing over Ah fu*kit oh
well, everything's crossing over Ah
fu*kit oh well, everything's crossing
over Ah fu*kit oh well, ah fu*kit oh
well (Verse 2) Boo you whore! You hear
those beautiful chords? That's the Devil
making me do his chores This beat was
made without using force, technically So
I expect to view some snores The fire in
hell I use for chewing smores (you
kidding me?) My teeth are rotting out so
I don't do it any more My metaphors are
metaphysical A better lyrical exhibition
is to go into Heaven and slit a throat
So I dissed Pac, crucified by hip-hop
Suicidal kids knock it, you provide the
flip flops To use when I decide to kick
rocks at the rhythm Pick it up, I got
you I am not kidding Hotter than
Virginia when it's vacation time Making
satanist rhymes, making me fine But hey
I don't mind I say what's on my mind and
get censured But I swallowed it and get
injured So I sip Ensure (Hook) Ah fu*kit
oh well, everything's crossing over
(insecure) Ah fu*kit oh well,
everything's crossing over Ah fu*kit oh
well, everything's crossing over Ah
fu*kit oh well, ah fu*kit oh well (Verse
3) Momma pray for me God thinks I'm ugly
Stop with the touching me! Goth kids
trust me I can't let them down, I gotta
carve Watching me heal is the hottest
part In the sky see a lot of dark I'm
just a hermit with a modest heart Some
days require Tylenol Women hate me like
a twat fart And these niggas ate me like
a pop tart My label wants to make me a
pop star I had a hot start, y'all wanted
music and I dropped art Until I pass off
influence to killing off classes and
apologize with the realest of passion I
am a tyrant but still I am passive, I'm
using this deal just to reel me a bad
bitch Sit on my lap while she pictures
me rapping She's too bad nigga give me a
napkin (Hook) Ah fu*kit oh well,
everything's crossing over Ah fu*kit oh
well, everything's crossing over (I just
wanna make some things clear) Ah fu*kit
oh well, everything's crossing over ( I
do believe in the cult, but I grew up
Christian) Ah fu*kit oh well (Outro) Oh
God if you exist I need you to forgive
me for the way I feel I you need you to
forgive me For abandoning those that
really love me God I repent to you all
the time The only thing that seems to
respond is the dark side But I gotta
keep a tight lip Just ride out with
the... I want you motherfuckers to hear
this piano All my musicians out there
Don't let em take your magic Letra Oh
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