Make Yourself Over - Charles Hamilton

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Letra Make Yourself Over - Charles Hamilton

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Charles Hamilton canta la cancion Make Yourself Over dentro de su album Hamilton, Charles, os dejamos con la letra de Make Yourself Over para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Hamilton, Charles y de Charles Hamilton.

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(Verse 1) It isn't fair to not share
what I dare But so many people are
scared Honestly why do we care? Innocent
lives lost, sitting beside a cross Women
don't like to talk, I'm only interested
in my thoughts Shit isn't my loss, but
when listenting to my bars It's
different, but try Charles Just to
provide it all I wish I could make you
happy all the time when I rhyme But I
think you'll be fine when I decide to
decline Ain't this a bitch I stay in the
mix My grave is a wish I wish to be paid
Give me away What I did in the past Now
I gotta get me the (?) Take a little
trip, get some ass Gotta get a hit for
the class Will my nigga eat? Will my
nigga (?) Does it even matter if I'm
mad? Does it even matter if I'm bad?
What do we have? Just (?) Never been the
type (?) But this is magic (?) Stuck
with the crash Mustn't be sad But when
at last, I look in the mirror I see
nothing but scratches Ugly it has been
That's my (?) (?) But asking for risk
(Hook) Lying in the mirror won't get you
nowhere Crying in the mirror won't get
you nowhere Try to get closer, and make
yourself over (2x) (Verse 2) It's not
your talent, man You gotta have balance
Dag it, I had it I approach tracks like
a savage Don't laugh at the sadness I'm
genetically predisposed to it So I make
music Hopefully it's dope, I don't abuse
it I don't have a life outside of this
I'm quiet as shit Can't get high but I
sip I'm trying to vent Silence within
Don't ask me how I'm doing I'm happy
when I'm losing Am I exactly who you're
choosing? Never have I been so down
Forget those clowns Someone roll the
window down Let me (?) No info just
doubt We rolling out Rolling too deep
like cops Mama know she's my pops We got
shocked Can we not (?) My request, why
always gotta make a mess Gotta stay the
best Gansta lean (?) (?) (?) (?) You
ain't see my coming with the hotness
that I possess I am not a Tribe Called
Quest Nor am I Kanye West Not ingest,
still (?) (Hook 2x) Lying in the mirror
won't get you nowhere Crying in the
mirror won't get you nowhere Try to get
closer and make yourself over (2x) Letra
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