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Letra de My Dream (feat. Akon), canción donde Chamillonaire interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Mixtape Messiah 4. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Chamillonaire no te pierdas este single llamado My Dream (feat. Akon), no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra My Dream (feat. Akon) - Chamillonaire

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Chamillonaire canta la cancion My Dream (feat. Akon) dentro de su album Mixtape Messiah 4, os dejamos con la letra de My Dream (feat. Akon) para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Mixtape Messiah 4 y de Chamillonaire.

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(feat. Akon) (Intro - Akon
(Chamillionaire)) See I remember I was
just loner (I was just a loner, I was
just a loner) (But I told them haters)
"Look at me!" (I dream, you Dream, We
all Dream big dreams) (I dream, you
Dream, We all Dream big dreams) I'm on
top permanently but I stay in the
streets (Harmony baby) And I won't stop
bringin that heat It's my dream (I said
it's my dream) I said it's my dream...
ooh (Verse 1 - Chamillionaire) Big as
Barack Obama soon as he hit that podium
Always speakin that real these rappers
is Nickelodeons Say he ain't got the
streets look at them killers voting him
Periodically charting music be mixed
with sodium (chemistry) See they hate
him and they love him like he Kobe And
he just be getting money while haters be
out there promoting him Pick a Mixtape
Messiah then open it and you'll notice
him Cuz he be talkin trash like he want
to be a custodian The God of mixtapes
make sure that your kids blessed You
think that I sweat money the way that
the kid dress Show them I get checks
just look at the wrist (Yes!) My jewels
the color of urine just give me a piss
test I'm so unsanitary my heater is in a
corner Diamonds always exposed I roll
with that Arizona Heater be hibernating
come wake it up if you wanna Doctor
resuscitating to wake you up from a coma
(Clear!) Same channel no it sure can't
be I'm so HD and you just so ain't me
Album coming soon just like o-k-c money
music to my ears DO-RE-MI (Haha) Ridin
with no rims I call it t-shirt with no
panties on Threw some rims on it now it
got some chrome pajamas on Pull up to
the club no we ain't gonna make it belly
storm It's going to be a 100 percent
chance of rain on every arm Killin the
mic you ain't half as dope I'm the
coldest underground need a casket coat
I'm bout to snatch the whole game from
you bastards So I'll probably write my
next verse on a ransom note goodbye
(Chorus - Akon (Chamillionaire)) Yall
remember I was just a loner hanging on
the corner (Corner) Now take look at me
(Look at me) Big bossin steady stackin
chips never thought that I would see
this shit Now I'm on top permanently but
I stay in the streets And I won't stop
bringin that heat It's my dream (I said
it's my dream) I said it's my dream...
ooh (Verse 2 - Chamillionaire) Standing
up to drama my posture is like a mobster
Frazier to a hater I'll box you like a
boxer Money don't change my thoughts
you're an imposter Thought you passed me
but I caught you like I gotcha Koopa my
metaphor is a metaphor That symbolizes
each metaphor like a metal door (Hard!)
And yall need to put up a better score
We making A's and we grading you with
the letter four I mean the letter
F-O-U-R Tryin to say you a G?! I'm like
Oh-you-are? Don't be talkin all them
lies like I don't know you boy Don't be
talkin all them lies like I can't show
you boy (Yea) Put your money up and you
can really get beat Like blacks getting
pulled over by Philly police I just made
a Hundred thousand to put in my piece In
what seems like a year but it was really
a week Ain't Lil Troy but I wanted to be
a "baller" Money on the line let me
holler at the caller Bow to the man
forgiveness from the Father For waking
my eye at one of Reverend Run's
daughters Koopa and they respecting it
highly I came in to the game they did
their best to deny me Hungry CEO success
is salami Success was on the sandwich
and it was yellin out "Try me!" After
that Ra-ta-ta-ta murder she wrote K-Slay
and DJ Drama said "I heard that he dope" done the fanbase is a
cult L-M-A-O your fanbase is a joke
(Haha!) Laugh while I bask stacks of
that cash Every time I wreck so they ask
for that crash See the airbag, the Jag,
the lac cash Try to say that I be
preaching well pastor is now mad I'll
make Reverend Run move and that a step
to the left Cuz I'm the best of both
me's that's the best and the best It's
the Mixtape God put the rest of them to
rest Press pause for the Gob and confess
that your blessed (Chorus - Akon
(Chamillionaire)) Yall rem
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