Makes Me Stronger - Chamillonaire

Letra de Makes Me Stronger, canción donde Chamillonaire interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Mixtape Messiah 3. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Chamillonaire no te pierdas este single llamado Makes Me Stronger, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Makes Me Stronger - Chamillonaire

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Chamillonaire canta la cancion Makes Me Stronger dentro de su album Mixtape Messiah 3, os dejamos con la letra de Makes Me Stronger para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Mixtape Messiah 3 y de Chamillonaire.

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(Repeat - x3) Stronger (Hook - x2) I
ain't the rapper that you want to talk
noise to It only makes me stronger Only
makes me stronger, stronger, stronger
(Verse 1) Call the police, a paramedic
and a nurse Rap might be dead, but know
what makes the matter worse? (What?) I
left my masters where the dada lurks And
Universal Records probably doesn't even
have a hearse I can't lose like I have a
curse I used to love her, but now I date
a badder verse It seems like acting got
a fatter purse I'm almighty with mix
tapes, you back to church My homeboy,
was always a man of turf Cause he be
interred, like the words on a mechanic
shirt I think I need to send a fan alert
Nonsense, sure to send a humble ? I'm so
cool, I jump in a pool And everything
that's in it ain't blue turn blue Man
I'm so cool, I walk into school And
numbers on the ruler tell me that I rule
Who, can make a mix tape skin Have
goosebumps if a mix tape had skin I'm,
Lennox Lewis with the left, right, left
I'm knocking out a mix tape's wind I say
whatever I want to say like Kanye I'm
calling, telling have a nice day If hip
hop is dead then I say That i escaped
Death Row like I'm Dre Cause you're pale
and I'm looking colourful Don't lie
about my mix tapes, I know you love em
fool.. I know you love em fool I had to
drop part 2, that means another 2 She
told me Ridin' Dirty was a hard tune And
then told me to call her at tomorrow
noon One night with me is really your
doom I'll be sticking something in it
like a harpoon 18th of September on your
calendar Chamillionaire gets badderer
and badderer Chamillionaire badder than
the average huh I'm a, I'm a raw like an
animal Haha, if a man is mechanical I'll
come through and do what a real man
would do And you'll change your whole
thing Like Claire Reid sleeping in bed
with Hannibal the Cannibal (Repeat - x3)
Stronger (Hook - x2) Letra Makes Me
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