Internet Nerd's Brother - Chamillonaire

Letra de Internet Nerd's Brother, canción donde Chamillonaire interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Mixtape Messiah 5. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Chamillonaire no te pierdas este single llamado Internet Nerd's Brother, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Internet Nerd's Brother - Chamillonaire

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Chamillonaire canta la cancion Internet Nerd's Brother dentro de su album Mixtape Messiah 5, os dejamos con la letra de Internet Nerd's Brother para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Mixtape Messiah 5 y de Chamillonaire.

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(phone rings) (Intro - Chamillionaire as
Dexter - talking (Charlie)) Hello?
(Hello?) What's up, Charlie? (What's up,
man?) Nothin, just watching "American
Idol", just searching on the 'net (Heard
anything about Chamillionaire?) (Verse 1
- Chamillionaire as Dexter (Dexter's
Mom) (Charlie)) Heard he lost twenty
million dollars, how'd he lose that?
Heard he got dropped from Universal, how
he lose that? Heard his new single and
that (Creepin' (Solo)'s) super whack
Anyways, Ludacris just wrecked him on
his own track Ha, he's the rapper that
my brother hates He commit suicide, so
I'm a take my brother's place Let me log
on the 'net, I don't have no time to
waste I'm a log on
and rub it in his face Chamillionaire
sucks, Chamillionare's a square He's
drops a lot of mixtapes but I don't care
If he don't switch it up, then I know
he's gonna fail And if he does switch it
up, then I just hope it don't sell Hell,
he's super boring, he has no swagger
He's part of a league of rappers that
just don't matter I don't know why DJ
Skee or Drama even mess with him Oh no,
there he go, sayin he's the best again
Plus he had the nerve to call my bro an
+Internet Nerd+ I'm a log on his Gmail
and hack his f-ing password Sure, he's
got Internet fans But I never heard
nobody in the streets jammin him Mixtape
Messiah, HAHA!, better think again His
last one sucked, I never made it up to
number ten I couldn't even pretend, that
I would ever get him I'll never go to
his show and not gonna get his album
"Venom" He sucks, what the heck are
people even listening to? His rhyme
patterns are enough to, make me
miserable Make me want to enter in-to a
mental institute In the real commercial
world, he is like invisible On the 'net,
they're sayin he got witty bars I'm a
say he's whack, post it under every
Diddy blog And plus I wonder overseas,
is he really large? He's probably on
vacation, I don't think he really toured
My sister tried to tell me that he got
fifty cars Hi Chamillionaire, none of
those are really yours He's really
leasin 'em but I'm the one that really
knows I'm a put ya on World Star and
you're gonna be exposed His personality
stinks, can't stand the scent of it
Where's his website? He didn't even
finish it If he thinks he'll sell as
much as Wayne, then he's an idiot I
don't think he even made a song good as
(A Milli) yet Chat rooms or something
that I'm normally glued to But I don't
wanna conversate with none of you fools
'Cause you think he's good, ant wrong,
you lose Yesterday he wasn't even top 10
on YouTube Yeah trick, just admit it,
y'all frontin Charles Hamilton, Joell
Ortiz, even Joe Buddens All of them are
better than him (Dexter), y'all don't
know nothin (Dexter, come down here
now), ha, my mom's callin me - I'm
coming (Why you mad at me man?)
(American Idol plays in background)
(hangs up phone) Letra Internet Nerd's
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