Already Dead Intro - Chamillonaire

Letra de Already Dead Intro, canción donde Chamillonaire interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Major Pain 1.5. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Chamillonaire no te pierdas este single llamado Already Dead Intro, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Already Dead Intro - Chamillonaire

Escuchar Chamillonaire Already Dead Intro Lyric Video.

Chamillonaire canta la cancion Already Dead Intro dentro de su album Major Pain 1.5, os dejamos con la letra de Already Dead Intro para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Major Pain 1.5 y de Chamillonaire.

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Hey there little
fella I know you
missed me You re a
mean little fella
aren t you? You
Chamillitary mayne
Here lizard lizard
lizard Here lizard
lizard lizard Major
pain major pain
Here lizard lizard
lizard Here lizard
lizard lizard
Hustles and my
players let s talk
to these haters do
your boy a favor
turn right to your
neighbors We got of
the majors but
still doing major
nobody can save ya
when Koopa bring
that major pain
Here we go Nah I
won t let them turn
me pop even though
my little niece
like Justin Beiber
Yeah I made that
song Ridin Dirty
but that should let
ya know that I
clutch a heater
Yeah I got played
by Michael Jordan
and I swear MJ he
such a diva Moral
of the story is I
don t care cuz yeah
I m still here plus
I don t need ya
Yeah I met a girl
at taco bell that
slipped me her
number in a fajita
Funny thing is ain
t order that I took
that hoe back and
got her beat up Why
I gotta get back on
my throne on and
keep turning these
fake fans to
believers Yeah I
got a car(?) from
my major label I
swear hung up tha
receiver Do you
wanna be successful
so bad that you
know you would do
it ever? Would you
be the one to jump
the ship to be safe
or hold that ship
together? Would be
the chicks that try
to leave once you
can t live like
Cinderella? Would
you be broke and
chill with god or
you would be rich
and with the devil?
What you gonna do
when the music
stops or would you
still do this
accapela? That
decision is really
yours and it really
ain t much that I
could tell ya What
I know is that I
ain t you and my
words I ll be the
realest ever
Chamillitary will
rain forever just
know I ain t
talking about the
weather Right and
then left right and
then left march
with me forever
soldier take
another step Right
and then left right
and then left march
with me forever
soldier take
another step This
is for you know who
and don t you ever
be mislead I know
just how I said it
and I meant just
what I just said I
feel as good as
ever when I hop
outta my bed Baby
you ain t living
life you must be
already dead Letra
Already Dead Intro
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