Choctaw County Affair - Carrie Underwood

Letra de Choctaw County Affair, canción donde Carrie Underwood interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Storyteller. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Carrie Underwood no te pierdas este single llamado Choctaw County Affair, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Choctaw County Affair - Carrie Underwood

Escuchar Carrie Underwood Choctaw County Affair Lyric Video.

Carrie Underwood canta la cancion Choctaw County Affair dentro de su album Storyteller, os dejamos con la letra de Choctaw County Affair para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Storyteller y de Carrie Underwood.

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Well, life's been kind of trippy down
here in Mississippi Since Cassie O'Grady
disappeared And me and my Bob Shaver
been in all the newspapers Every day for
nigh on a year They say we got tangled
in a love triangle A fatal game of truth
or dare But the truth remains a mystery
and now it's ancient history It's a
Choctaw County affair It's just a
Choctaw County affair (Choctaw County
affair) Well, people talkin' 'bout it
everywhere (Choctaw County affair) Well,
Cassie O'Grady was no Southern lady
Despite all the media hype They all
loved to make her out like a sweet
little devout All-American cheerleader
type But her mind was cattywampus She
was greedy, she was pompous Strutting
'round with her nose in the air She was
a cold gold-digger tickling a hand
trigger It's a Choctaw County affair
It's just a Choctaw County affair
(Choctaw County affair) And now they say
she's lying dead somewhere (Choctaw
County affair) Well, I do not deny I
wished Cassie would die When she
threatened us with blackmail She said
she had some information that would
wreck my reputation And land Bobby back
in jail Now it's best to remember Bobby
Shaver's got a temper Like a buck-shot
grizzly bear But there's nobody, there's
no witness So y'all go mind your
business It's a Choctaw County affair
It's just a Choctaw County affair
(Choctaw County affair) Oh, you mess
with Bobby and you better beware
(Choctaw County affair), yeah yeah-yeah
Hey, yeah Well, the press went wild on
the day of the trial When they put us on
the witness stand They thought we'd turn
on each other, but soon they all
discovered We were live-or-die, hand in
hand And that fancy D.A. from down
Jackson way Said he'd see us in the
electric chair, ha But the foreman of
the jury told me "honey, don't you
worry" It's a Choctaw county affair,
yeah (Choctaw County affair) Yeah, it's
just a Choctaw County affair (Choctaw
County affair), yeah How would you know
cause you weren't there (Choctaw County
affair) It's just a Choctaw County
affair (Choctaw County affair) Mmm,
yeah, yeah (Choctaw County affair) Letra
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